Stash box, crafting and other stuff

Getting right to the point - I know that there are a few posts asking about this stuff but i figure to post this one here wouldn’t hurt

  1. Safe box/ Stash
    So yes as some people have said already there should be a way to stash your items at your safe houses. Although the game dose save items dropped in the world, its just safer and easier to have a safe of some kind that you can stash your weapons and extra ammunition. In terms of multiplayer i think that each stash should be linked to each player. So if you go into a Safe box / stash box / Locker or what ever you want to call it, They only access their own stash box leaving the hosts stuff alone. (this will also prevent griefers from joining random games and stealing things and then leaving)

  2. Crafting
    So this may be a mixed bag as the mechanics are in place to make it where people aren’t to overpowered and making things to easy. However i feel that having stuff you don’t need is just… unnecessary. But waste not want not and all that right? so why cant we just re-purpose them? Break down weapons for scrap parts, get more scrap junk from enemies you kill, tear up first aids for their stuff, and break apart ammunition for their essentials. And of course be able to make them if you need. Ammo you actually NEED, Better first aids (or maybe you prefer a bunch of smaller first aids?), and little things to help you out. Of course the ability to do so and better quality / better items would require points in some crafting tree stuff. This way you have to earn your way to making more awesome stuff.
    It should be noted that weapons and attachments shouldn’t be craftable as that should be left to the RNG gods (or what ever setup is used) to decide what you get and how good it is.

  3. Loot generators.

  • Random loot Generators
    Kinda self explanatory. After so much time of in game playing (maybe a week or so of in game time) some resource locations will be resupplied (magically)

  • OR

  • Loot bots
    If revisiting old locations for more stuff isn’t really your thing (or just much harder to program) having Robots that have some type of loot containers on them that will pop up at random times / locations allowing players to get random good loot and such.

  1. Vehicles that work*
    Again another self explanatory thing, but the map is truly huge… and traversing this by foot is fun and all (and yes fast traveling between safe houses is an option) but also tedious. Perhaps using a vehicle that is “rebuilt” would be best in this way the fuel source could be propane tanks and the explosives that some bots drop.

  2. Plant harvesting*
    This would go into the same category as Crafting but more its own option, as being able to find things that may help with healing or being used to craft healing items could be useful.

*ok kinda stretching it a bit with these, I understand but suggestions and all that


I agree. Please GENERATION ZERO team! In a future update add crafting. It is actually in the PS4 tutorial, but it isn’t in the game. Why?


The crafting system you suggested is coming to Gen-Zero at some point in time, this is the reason why blueprints are collectibles in the game. At some point in time, we will be able to loot parts from enemies and disassemble weapons & items to craft our own stuff.

There are storage facility(s) in the game already. You may have even already seen them. @TherotcoD kindly gave us the clues without giving the exact location - “once at the Gun Club, head North and you’ll find a safehouse and garage with boarded up windows and doors.” Both are locked and we cannot enter. For now. It’s speculative to say that the crafting equipment is located inside and that there are other (secret) locations around.

We all have to learn to have a bit more patience, which I struggle with, and wait until the development team brings these features into play. Not sure exactly whyyyy they are dragging their feet when these were features suppose to be part of the game before it went live.

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Yes this house is strange there are 4 doors and only 1 door will let you in , the garage door is locked needs key , future content ? - i can say before april 12th patch this house was normal no boards at all , hmmm :thinking: