Steady lag spikes



I have a lag spike of 0,1 sec every 2 sec, and it is very steady. I reinstalled the game and could play without lag spikes for one session. After restarting the game, the lag spikes are back. Please help me as it is nearly unplayable. I already looked and tried all the solutions on all the forums, and none have worked.

The lag spikes happen as soon as the intro credits and main menu, so it’s not only a gameplay issue.

My specs :

Win 7
16Gb ram
geforce gtx 1060


At the beginning (launch day) i’ve had microstutters as well but fiddling around in-game settings and i got rid of them, eventually.

Just to see if it also works for you, set your in-game settings as follows:

Resolution: 1080p
Window: Fullscreen
Vsync: OFF
Dynamic resolution: OFF
Dynamic resolution target: 60FPS

Quality Preset: Custom
Shadow Quality: High
Terrain Detail Tessellation: Ultra
Scene Complexity: Ultra
Water Quality: Ultra
Textrure Resolution: Ultra
Volume Fog Quality: OFF
Anisotropic Filtering: 16
Motion Blur: OFF
Screen Space Reflections: ON
Global Illumination: ON
Anti-aliasing: FXAA + TAA
Chromatic Aberration: ON

And from Nvidia Control panel;
3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings -> Global settings
Vertical sync: Adaptive

Note: You can try different Vsync options under Nvidia control panel to see what works best for you.