Stealing from the poor mission missing

After collecting the mission it disappears from log.

Heyo, please follow this template when reporting a bug so it can be looked into sooner, thanks :slight_smile:

You mean, that it’s invisible in the log but still active? Like if you travel to the spot can you complete the mission or is it gone? Does restarting the game help at all?

I just got and completed the mission at once as I had been to the target location before. Mission objectives/steps are not showing in the Log.

PC, Single player

Hey this just happened to me. I picked up the recording and it played, then was marked as a finished mission in the left column of the side mission log. Under Objectives there is nothing listed. Exactly as Pegnose described. What’s up with that? It says to go to a place I have already been to so my guess is that I picked something up there that ruined it somehow? I don’t know. Anyone know?

My mission was successfully completed without any steps left to do. Your description seems to differ.

There were no steps at all, just like in your photo. Mine is exactly the same. I’m not sure I ever saw it say it completed but I wasn’t paying attention. I was looting while the recording was playing and when it was over I looked for where to go but there was nothing. I went to side missions and there were no active side missions. It took me a while scrolling through the list to find it and then it looked just like your pictures. It was greyed out as completed missions are in the left column but on the right there were no steps to complete. I suspect the mission fails to work properly if you have already unlocked the safehouse or picked up the items at the estate it talks about, which I did a while back before I found the recording. Am I making sense or just causing more confusion? Sorry if so, just trying to be specific. Mine looks exactly like your screen shot and all I did was pick up the recording. I don’t know if it’s bugged for everyone or just maybe people who already cleared out the Avalhom or whatever its called estate. Do you know if you had cleared it/activated the safehouse there prior to finding the mission recording?

I am pretty sure about that.