Stealth mechanics

Has anyone ever tried does robots get bored when they have detected you, and you just hide inside house? Do they give up and forget you?

We all now, when you crouch robots magically forgets where you are. But when in combat still they dont seem to forget you, until you get a distance from them.

What I know is that hunters tend to not give up and Rival hunters never do! Whatever distance you manage to create.

It did work in the early days where it was possible for you to “wait it out”. And it also works now, but i haven’t tested it with all machine types. With whom i’ve tested it are runners and FNIX tank (both non-rival). Idea is to break visual line since if machines still see you through windows or one layer of wall, they won’t give up.

Yes, it’s true that it’s very hard to outrun hunters but just yesterday, i outran lvl4 FNIX hunter rival and it’s 3x buddies near FOA5.

How? Simple, you need to have knowhow what terrain machines can’t scale.

I lured the whole pack on top of the Hermelinen bunker mountain and decended from it from the steepest part (NE corner). I lost a bit of health getting down but hunters got stuck up there since no machine can descend (and ascend) steep terrain.
Since hunters got stuck up there, it was easy pickings for me to lob several HE rockets at them until they all dropped.:grin:

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I had a hunter rival (FNIX) follow me around the airfield. I did not want to kill it as I wanted to reach max region score once. I shot off all its weapons and went on with my business looting all other machines and hangars and whatnot dancing around the hunter. At the end I left through one of the southern or western secret exit of the bunker where the rival hunter couldn’t follow due to its size.

The battle music never stopped and at the end the hunter went all around through the northern airfield gate (I suppose, seem to remember seeing it on the map) and caught up eventually when I was near the border to the Mountain region. It had been out of my LoS for many minutes.

I wonder if hiding after EMPing them would wipe their memories?

Interesting idea. And if not, that could be easily nice suggestion to game mechanics. Stealth is quite simple now.

I haven’t much carried to large EMP’s with me, tend to take too much inventory space, just to carry along for suitable situation.

If you’re near a building, there’s often a white box on the side that when destroyed serves the same purpose. Good range too!

If you got seekers in the mix then they will always find you in houses/shed but not sure about bunkers

True, forgot this. So would first need to destroy seekers. Then try the EMP trick.

True, those electric boxes are massive EMP’s. Good notice.

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The best way to counter this is a distraction. Fuel tanks, radios, fuel cells, alarms, etc. I usually toss off balconies then hide. After they are distracted they subside from search. At least this tactic works for me.

@Aesyle I agree yet disagree at the same time, some drones fall through the ground at times as May your character and certain times. When these drones phase underground the only option I have for it is exiting to main menu. I agree though visual sight is a major factor of their sensory. Take in account as well @pegnose that noise is also a major factor. Doors opening, footsteps, etc.