Steam fix please

This game needs friends only lobby!!
Also I can’t invite friends from my game!
Would like to see a invite option in multiplayer menu

OK, this is weird. In order to invite a friend I have to open the game to everybody.
When set to invite only there is no option to invite a friend through Steam overlay.

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To invite on PC steam you open the multi-player tab in the pause menu and then click the R key. This opens the steam invite overlay

It has been this way since about forever. Recently the prompt was removed but it still works.

What is odd is the people saying it has been removed, but not trying to see if it still works. Not that is what you had done.

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The prompt not being there then no way a new player would know to hit the “R” key, in that sense it is broken and not working. The removal of the prompt is new and that happened with the landfall update. You would think that co-op with friends is a BIG thing for a lot of players that it would be something that would be put back quickly and not wait for a pile of complaints come from it. Seems this would be as easy as turning on a real important event like an anniversary or something when it was scheduled to happen.


I played last night and was like, I know I was able to invite friends before hahaha

Yes this is confusing. I recently hosted a private game (PC/Steam) and kept hitting E and eventually B before giving up thinking it was broken. The other party remembered R was used after a while. It really is a strange thing to remove the instruction and not put a button there in it’s place to invite friends.


I have played through the entire game solo, but have never played multiplayer until a few days ago when a couple of my friends expressed an interest in the game. So, NO, I wouldn’t have thought about “trying to see if it [R key] still works”! We’ve been using the “Anybody” and “Join” option up until now. When next we play, I’ll try the “R” (invite) option.

However, that isn’t the real problem. The real problem is the continual disconnects of my two friends during multiplayer. Is this a Steam problem or a Generation Zero problem??? Should I expect it to behave any better when I use the “R - to Invite” option?

It has been a great game solo (I probably have 300 hours logged), but now I’m really only interested in playing it co-op, and these disconnects are enraging. FIX IT!

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Yes it seems very different when only people you invited join your game. At least I never had disconnected issue - only in open games. Plus you don’t get kicked out when host only wants friends to join an open game but don’t know how invite works and makes everyone frustrated.

(I.e it’s difficult to know if severs are to blame or host of the game is mean.)

It has never been this bad. In the past I play with friends or just with my GF in a invite only game and we can’t play more than a few minutes before the game crashes us offline.

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What servers?
The game is P2P. All MP runs off of the particpants computers.