(Steam) Help us test a crash fix!

We need your help once more. We’ve gotten reports of ANOTHER crash appearing after the latest patch. This is due to underlying changes we’re making to the code base, which is bringing to light issues that have existed since Release, and which we are going to weed out (I will explain this better in a Resistance Report). We have a potential fix for this crash, but since it’s so hard to reproduce, we need some help from those who are currently affected. If you’ve been crashing regularly on Steam since the last hotfix on the 23rd, please consider doing the following:

  • Head to Steam
  • Right click on GZ
  • Head to “properties”
  • In the “Betas” tab, enter the key Wipt3E2f1c41 .
  • Start the game and play for a while!
  • Nothing else needed, we will monitor the crash rates from our side.

Thank you so much to all who decide to help us get this out of the way as fast as possible! We appreciate you :heart: