Steam Multiplayer Session Keeps Crashing

Both a friend and myself recently acquired this game for the sole purpose of playing co-operative. So far we have had a GREAT time playing the game but are plagued by multiplayer session issues.

We are both playing on PC and are using Steam in order to connect to one another. Both of us have tried hosting and we repeatedly get the same result.

Specifically, when I have joined my friend’s session one of two things happen.

(Issue 1) My session is interrupted with a message saying that “Your connection to the multiplayer server has been lost.”. My friend is able to continue playing but subsequent invites from him don’t show up in my steam chat with him. He then has to quit his session and restart it in order to be able to invite me again.

(Issue 2) Both of our sessions are interrupted. I receive the “Your connection to the multiplayer server has been lost.” error message whilst his screen turns black and his game completely crashes.

My PC specifications are:

  • GeForce 3800 Ti
  • Intel i13900k
  • 32 GB of memory
  • 1 TB NVMe SSD

I have tried to verify my game files through Steam to ensure that the files are not corrupt. We have also tried swapping who is hosting with the same result.


Happens to us on xbox constantly. Hopefully we’ll see a fix soon.

PC/Steam: Have not been crashing myself but when I host a public game, the guests keep popping in and out. It seems it is the same players that are having issues with one guest or two, not popping out at all and play on my map for an hour or however long I play. Random players join, but not random having a connection problem.

In my mind I often think that it’s an I/O error.
The game needs much data to be transfered (others surely more, but they are probably more optimized)
If your internet connection isn’t as fast or as stable OR your used memory isn’t as fast (IDE Harddrive, USB-Drive), the game doesn’t get the necessary data and crashes.

Just an idea… But at least for me it helped to move the game from my external USB 3.0 Drive to internal memory on PS5.

@Madchaser – thanks for the suggestion. My hard drive is a SSD NVMe drive so I doubt that is the issue and as far as internet connections go we both have a 250 Mbps (down) / 25 Mbps (up) connection so that should be more than enough.

I just upgraded to 1 Gbps (down) / 50 Mbps (up) so lets see if that makes a difference.

We seem to get this issue much less now and the only thing we have changed is that we both restart our PCs before we start playing. Will keep this thread posted!