Stenhaga Farm Safehouse Barn - Lighting Bug

Platform: PC - Steam

Description: When entering the Barn safehouse at Stenhaga Farm, the lighting within the building becomes ~50% brighter than what is outside. Im not sure if this is intended or not so decided to report this just in case it isnt intended to occur.

Steps To Reproduce: Stand outside of the Safehouse at Stenhaga Farm on the Ramp. Walk into Safehouse. Observe the changes in lighting

Images / Videos: Stenhaga Farm - Lighting Bug - YouTube

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Just me

Specifications: CPU - I5 - 10400F
RAM - 32GB 2133MHz (Normally 2667MHz)
GPU - GTX 1650
Drive installed on - 1TB HDD

Yes, this is a Bug, i see this too
Im in Pc, but I play i App Xbox