Stenungsnas Generator

I’m just curious how to get the weapon from this location as it’s accessible by doing the Side Mission Energy Independence. I haven’t seen any form of opening to search the dead bodies since they are in a enclosed casing.


The weapon is located on the roof of the building.

In my topic: Guide: "FNIX Rising" side missions

Look for “Energy Independence” mission and check the 3rd video. In there, i zoom in to the location of the weapon (next to a dead soldier).

I also tried to get into the cage to loot the few dead soldiers in there but there is no way into that cage.

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I’ve already completed the side mission and I don’t see how to get up there without using the generator to get up there.

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Destroyed generators respawn once you quit to Main Menu and then Continue your game.

Whelp, guess that this particular generator isn’t working quite right cause it’s not going up/down or making some kind of exhaust noise. I’m on xbox one.

How long have you sat there?

About 5 minutes give or take. I don’t know the interval’s when the generators go up or down.

Usually like 20 or so seconds. Hmm. I can get on today and go look for it. It is nex to the prison place yes?

It’s south of Kaseberg/Minken Command Bunker.

alright can you give a screenshot of the exact location by putting a marker on it?

I took 2 screenshots just in case.

Alright will be there sometime today.

It is not working for me as well. I sat there for two minutes and waited. A different generator did a whole cycle of raising and lowering in about a minute. Will be piecing a bug report together for this one. Need to edit the clips together.

Thanks, maybe it could be tied to the mission where the generator is operational.

How do you get in the base :thinking:

You require the FNIX Rising DLC, then you may enter it through one of the side missions.

The generator is still not operating as of July 24, 2022, 12:43 pm. Been here many times in several different games just to clean up unretrieved weapons, and it never has worked.

That’s because that generator had to be destroyed in the mission. They should have made an alternative way to get on the roof or place the weapon on an always reachable spot.

But with a bit of imagination you should be able to come up with an idea to get that weapon.

It took me awhile but I figured it out. Get a field radio and put it in your inventory…you know what…let me show you instead. Here is what I did to get the weapon.