Still alot of the same of bugs


First of all been playing the game along time
and you September update was released with some new stuff,
but i still see alot of the same bugs and glitches that i had hope the September update would fix
i play the game on PS 4
and to begin with i have alot of friends i play with
and some i can’t even enter the same game in as
used to have my 4 team party of friends but all suddenly one of my friend can’t join my server i host
and i can’t join he’s game he host
and if another of our friends invite us both
i just cant see he name our him but he in , and i can see all the others in the game
but not between me and he’s friend

their is still a massive bugs when you pick collectiables they will still stand as unpicked
but you then can’t pick them up again

Blue screen error and engine crash happens alot still
not to blame anyone should have seen that coming when you use APEX engines

when you play multiplayer
sometimes people are fighting tanks and such and you are not able to see them youself
like they are ghost to one player and not for the other players

i just wonder with a game with so much to give
and with September released - why haven’t all these same bugs
as they have been from day one not being fixed
why can’t server hold a 4 party team without crashing down
and don’t say it’s my internet because it’s not i run on 42 Gigabits which is 42.000 megabits
as i have my one server myself too
i just wonder when are you gonna clean up these bugs and issues
that keeps on happening
i was a bit dissapointed that the September update did not fix that
on PS 4 the new update actually made the game alot worse
and you should fix this before people leaves the game
because alot on the GZ Community has

any other game with so much crashes … i would have deleted and wiped out of any harddrive myself
my issue is i love this game
so please make a fix on it’s specially in the multiplayer section of things