Still no ammo... Ostervik

I’m on level 27 and already completed the main mission. I’ve read all the posts about ammo not respawing. As a developer myself, how do you not fix this right away? Do you realize the game is unplayable if you have no ammo.

I just went back to Ostervik. I haven’t visited this town in at least 1 week worth of playing. Which has to be at least 12 hours game time.

There’s a ton of closed tool boxes and they are all empty.

I happen to be a huge fan of the game but I think you need to reassess your sprints and reprioritize your fixes. And Marketing needs to better and correctly promote the game as well. Your efforts should be in sync. For example, I’m not sure how you can promote a DLC or Event tomorrow when dev has yet to fix critical issues which makes the game unplayable.

Again, I’m a huge fan. I just want to see development properly assess and privatize their sprints. And updates once a month are unacceptable. You should be able to do incremental updates weekly with the at least some bugs fixed.

You’re killing your own game simply due to bad sprint timing and poor marketing.


I absolutely agree on this. I Appreciate the free or paid DLC but i cant play if there is no ammo/medkits to loot as of right now. Don’t you think fixing issues and bugs are a priority first so we can enjoy playing the DLC too. My hands are tied at the moment cant play till the next big update.


The empty toolboxes outside of the starter island is a known bug that has been acknowledged by the devs and is being worked on. Although the ammo respawn timer needs adjusting, I disagree on the game being “unplayable” because of it. Personally I sometimes find myself getting way too much ammo, I leave behind piles of bullets and shells after each fight just because I have the Salvage perks.

The development team have chosen monthly updates (with hotfixes in between) so they can focus on different areas of improvement of the game experience. Announcing an event and free DLC is not shifting focus away from that.

We know the situation is not desirable, it will change in the next update.
It is not possible for the devs to push weekly updates because both sony and microsoft have pretty strict verification processes which take a LOT of time, making it impossible for the small dev team to do proper updates in the short time they would have left in a week.
Thanks for your feedback.

The loot bug is a regression, at least I felt it used to work pretty ok earlier and haven’t seen reports saying too much loot being a showstopper. Then it seems, in an attempt to prevent players from getting too much, it broke.

That’s why I agree priority (from a product owner or management) is cruicial. If dev teams address showstoppers and fail, customers are often pretty ok with it. Not the same if you address things not considered by customers to be important and then introduce regressions.

GZ is an awesome initiative, photo mode is spot on and I’m looking forward to the DLC but all this requires QA effort and I’d rather be able to play GZ at all, which I haven’t since 1.06. No loot, no ammo, no action, no fun :-/

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If I have no ammo and there is no melee how is it playable? I don’t know what level you are but I’m at level 27.

And of course it’s a deviation. Focusing on bug fixes does not include incorporating new features. I’ve managed multiple dev teams for many years and unless you have the staffing for it, which I don’t think they do based on their credits, then you just don’t mix the two.

That’s how you wind up having more bugs and you run the risk of having to do duplicative work.

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I’m passing through Östervik now, at level 15. Just took down two FNIX Tanks, both which dropped 5 crown weapons, and a party of Hunters. My inventory’s nearly maxed out from all the ammo I’m getting. I’m focusing mostly on Shotgun, Hunting Rifle and SMG.

@Maxine33 That sounds interesting. Which games have you worked on?

That is my exact point. Its not the respawn timer of loots but area i havent been does not have any loot. If i do finally find some loot (very rare) then its only one or two items. That should also not happen when i unlocked the 100% more ammo find in toolboxes and containers etc. Because before the 1.06 update it was working just fine. Explosives such as nades, trip mine, gas canister, missile needs to be buffed bigtime because it aint doing any damage especially to tanks. These two things are major things that stopped me from playing the game. Just aint enjoyable anymore. Im sure it will put anyone off. Hopefully Devs are already aware of this and will be fixed in the next update.

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I agree 100% You cant play the game without ammo. If you ask me this should be hotfixed. Alot of people are running out of ammo which in turn makes the game unplayable. They hotfixed the 1.05 crash within a week so why cant they hotfix the ammo problem. It’s not a crash, but this problem is an important one that needs to be hotfixed and not having to wait a month to do so.

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It seems you’re not having loot issues then, @Zesiir. That’s fine, and you get to play the game. Good for you. You get to enjoy it. But saying “Well I’m getting more ammo than I can carry” to somehow prove there isn’t a problem doesn’t really help the situation for the rest of us who are having issues.

We’re opening empty loot box after empty loot box, and if we’re lucky, perhaps getting a couple of rounds of low end ammo for weapons we’re not carrying. I’m Level 28, have gold everything (rocket launcher, 50 cal, AG5, AI-76, Klauke + all gold attachments) and I have both levels of the salvage perk. I’m seeing drops of .32 ACP and seeing some bird shot, and the occasional buckshot, but very seldomly anything else that I can actually use. When I do see ammo I can use, it’s typically less than 10 rounds of 7.62 FMJ or a couple of 9mm rounds.

I’ve only played for about 2 hours solo since 1.05 dropped and about 20 mins coop with my regular play buddies. We weren’t getting loot in that game either (friend hosting). They both tried going in single player. They were experiencing the same issue in their single player experience.

So I’m out of ammo, out of medkits, out of adrenaline, and nothing is dropping for me anywhere. All I have is a few gas cannisters, landmines and 2 rockets that currently do nothing to enemies. I’ve bounced around to different safe houses around varied areas of the map and searched those areas and finding pretty much nothing.

So unless there’s a secret, hidden mechanic in the game that allows to use our guns as clubs to beat enemies with, then it’s unplayable for me and my friends. And that seems to be the case for a lot of people right now. You’ll find a crapload of those posts over on the Steam forum and Reddit as well.

So until this is fixed, which will likely be towards the end of June, I can’t play GZ even though I’d really love to.

Until then, I’ll be filling my limited gaming time with another run through Far Cry: New Dawn. Hopefully GZ gets fixed soon.

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I’m just trying to understand why it’s occurring, I didn’t mean to get on anybody’s nerves. If that’s the case, I apologise. Hopefully this’ll get fixed soon so you guys can enjoy the game too.


If you do this easily with a shotgun in single player 1.06 with tons of ammo to spare and since you’re a mod here, perhaps you spend a fair amount of time playing GZ? Perhaps you’ve learned pretty well where to aim which would conserve ammo. You also seem to get good stuff from all your kills which is a positive spiral. If this is the case, then perhaps this patch was for you :+1:t2: even though it still ruined things for casual GZ gamers.

I said developers but not game developers. I focus on online and systems development. The overall principles of agile development though are the same.

That being said, there was a reply above which mentioned a lengthy review process they have to go through which would justify the monthly cycle. They should mention that a little louder as I think there’s a fairly large group who are upset with the monthly cycle.

That does explain the monthly cycle somewhat. Thanks for sharing that.

Same here. And I agree with you 100%. Been doing this in a military environment for the last 25 years. Mostly systems architecture and development for information management. But programming is programming. The outcome is different, but the prinicipals are the same.

Funny, I was contemplating reinstalling Far Cry as well!

I, like you, have all gold weapons and am almost at the final rank. Perhaps the people without ammo issues aren’t going for full kill. Myself, I need to kill everything.

Don’t want a dog sneaking up on me later and chomping my ankles.

I’m not really full kill, as there’ s not a whole lot of reward for killing stuff other than the 2 giant FNIX. But of course, you can’t go around the world without getting into fights, and I never turn down the opportunity to take on a pack of hunters when I see them. lol

Well, now I can’t because I have no ammo, explosives are broken and loot boxes are empty.