Still no barcodes

Minken bunker still not getting any barcodes even after the patch

I have to opposite with that mission. It got to ‘use barcodes’ but they refuse to let me in. I have the same with a few others.

When Host /sp/co-op

This is really frustrating as I cannot continue with the game. As minkem Bunker isn’t dropping and codes I thought let me go to the next area AND AND still sorken bunker not dropping any codes

Join a coop game and try take the mission there. If the host hasn’t completed mission that usually works

We have the same problem (PC)
I hosted first and got the barcodes, we entered and completed missions inside.
My gf didn’t get all the missions logged so she had to host for a while. She got all missions logged untill we got to Minken bunker. She can’t get any barcodes, me unlocking the door for her won’t help either.