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I raised this subject and the post has now been closed…but I am still not clear. I am currently on level 34. several times I gained a new level but only got 5 Uranium each time…no extra skills. I have been informed that after level 31 you can’t gain any more skills. Why is this…or is the answer just “that’s the way it is”?

It was closed because of the wrong section of the forums… And because the question already was answered:

Let’s say: we all hope that one day we’ll get a redone skill-system, with more skills to spend points on, more specialisations or even completly different than it is now.
But until then all we’ve got is what was there since the beginning of the skill-system on, plus the opened level-cap.

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As Madchaser pointed out it used to be that lvl 31 was the max level back in the day. When the cap was removed and we could continue to level up, after 31 you will not gain any more skill levels. Personally, I’m not sure exactly why this was, but you are right in observing that after lvl 31 that you will only receive the basic level up rewards, like the uranium rewards you mentioned.

So to be clear, and state it a different way. You will continue to get skills up to 31 and then from that point on, you will only get the resource rewards. Skills are capped, levels are not.

“Thats the way it is”
Its like giving us wings but having us inside the cage all the time.

Oh, I just forgot that we also got the ability to respec the skill points. Wasn’t possible before “giving us wings”, too :wink:

Btw, now I feel like a bird on cocaine in a cage, mutated by all the uranium I got…

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it’s to keep you from having one insanely overpowered carracter, now you can have more then enough skills to make a good caracter but you can’t give him everything. you can or use the uranium you get to reset your skills and make a different build or grind out another caracter (sinds you can have 4) and give him a different skill focus.
so you could for example get a caracter focused on combat, another on tech, one on survival (but don’t do support it sucks xD)

and for the reason it was done like this look at @Madchaser 's comment

All the past posts was asking for more skill points, but none of them asked for more skill points to increase the skills themselves. So now you can get more skill points, but they are worthless and cannot be used for increasing your skills. You don’t need to increase beyond one specialty.

Does not matter how you word the question or how many times you ask the questions after the last question was asked, the answer is you do not get more skill points pass 31 to spend on anything.

Little correction: you don’t get more skill points, you just get more experience points. And the experience points just say which level your character is.

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