Stop Adding Control Points

With the new Dawn Update a lot of control points will be added. I’m pretty sure 9 new control points in the farmlands will be added with 6 of them being claimable and its just way too much. I was fine with the base building in the forest region it wasn’t the most unique region to start with so the base building made it special. Why do we even need that many bases its just basically the same mission but in different locations. The devs really should expand on the building of bases instead of adding different areas to build concrete boxes.


Very much agreed. I wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t also wipe out most of the machine population in the process of adding them. The Forest is so empty now, and I’m worried that the Farmlands will be the same.

It’s actually going to be 12 control points, but I think only 4 can be claimed.


I agree and I will also say the same.

That is not the case, the machines evaporate, Farmlands region is one of the most “fun” areas in terms of combat.
Next is South Coast and Marshlands, and i bet they will do the same there.


  • 1 control point per region not counting Forest region (or none at all)
  • The control point must be in an area far away from machine A.I patrols and spawns to not interfere with them and with their numbers.

It’s going to be 12. But they are all optional. Heck the whole game is optional.


Interacting with the control points is indeed optional, but massively reduced machine density is not. Once very busy areas in the Forest Region are now totally barren because of these control points.

The prospect of these appearing all over the map is understandably quite unpopular with the community here.


Isn’t it wiser to first wait and see what the update brings?

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Things could certainly be different in the Farmlands, but so far there’s a lot to be worried about based off the control point implementation in the Forest.


That is my concern too. I am seeing this update looming with a mix of interest and dread.


Btw… Soon I will have more control points on the map than safehouses, as I’m still losing them almost every week.