Stop spawning in base attack missions

I have done several FNIX base attack missions and succeeded eventually in overcoming all the machines and machine guns nest in them…sometimes…but in some cases I have used up rounds and
rounds of ammunition in my own weapons without succeeding because the machines respawn almost immediately and every time I kill a whole batch I come back and at least another 10 have taken their place. Is there any way to stop them respawning so fast or so often?

You need to destroy the spawner machines so the machines will not spawn.

That’d be a cool Seek and Destroy Mission: Spawning machines have been installed throughout the map, hurting the resistances’s efforts. Track them down using found clues and wipe them out!

These spawn devices have different colors for each type of machine.
I currently don’t know which one belongs to which, but maybe someone else does it know for sure.

I know what you mean.
You start a hard (!) base assault and as soon as you start shooting or come too close, they swarm out like bees. You blow them away, but for every one you take down, two more join the battle. Some assaults really drove me crazy.

So here are some things you should think about or follow:


  • Try to engage the fnix bases as soon as possible. There are 3 levels of bases. Maxed out bases can really be hard.
  • Take enough ammo with you. Yes, there are many bullets needed, but almost more important are explosives. Granatgevär rockets and handgrenades are good to deal much damage to everything you hit.
  • Take enough med kits and adrenaline with you. Nothing is more annoying than dying during a base assault. If you leave the battle and abort the assault, the base could be rebuilt or even worse, raise in level and even become stronger.
  • Take flares for distraction with you.

The Assault:

  • Don’t just run in. Spot the base from distance, look where the turrets are and where the shield generators are. These are your primary targets.
  • Take out as many turrets as possible from distance. One well placed shot out of a (exp) pvg may be enough per turret. (there are red fuel cells at their back, which can even be hit by shooting at the opposing side of the turret due to penetration.)
  • Besiege the bases by using artillery before invading it. So, shoot at the walls next to the shield generators with rockets to get short ways into the bases. You may use the exp Älgstudsare for long range bombardement as well.
  • Enter the base, throw some flares plus grenades and try to open the generators as fast as possible.
  • Once the shield generators are opened, you may fall back and continue bombardement as long until everything is flattened, or you blow them dirrectly away from closest distance and then fall back.
  • If you see a spawn generator, try to destroy them immediatly. They are strong, so it may take some time and magazines. You could use flares for distraction plus grenades for splash damage as support.
  • Remaining turrets can be destroyed quickly from their back or with a single grenade/rocket.
  • One more tip: the bases mine-layers, if got destroyed, have an emp-effect that deactivates surrounding structures/machines for a short time.

Well, and if you got rid of the shield generators and turrets, the spawn generators and the machines, just destroy the command center and finish the assault.
Oh, and don’t waste rockets or your rarest and strongest ammo at the command center. You can use everything else equaly good.

Thanks to all of you for your replies,. I have been been destroying the turrets from afar in order to “soften up” the base defences and assumed the spawners (i assume those are the machines that look like overgrown flexi-lamps?) needed to be destroyed asap as well. Trouble is, even when I destroyed one…another was hidden behind another wall! But thanks for your advice and help…it should help to reduce my frustration

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Essentially it boils down to: blow everything up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That is one way to do base assault, it is also possible to surgically destroy just the shield generators without destroying any machines, thereafter destroy the main base totem. It’s a matter of play style I guess.

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I go for the brute force method. Load up on rockets and more or less level the whole thing to the ground. Perhaps not so elegant, and you may miss out on loot, but it works.

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Saves on a load of ammo that way as well.

Yep, totally legit. Locating and destroying the generators then going straight for the core takes skill, but it’s damn fast if you’re up for the challenge :+1:

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I prefer to begin by surveying the base from a little altitude, usually a ridge. That way, I can get a good feel for where the generators are. First I’ll snipe any turrets that I can see. Then I’ll sneak in with a silenced N9 and open the first shield generator. Then I’ll fall back to the ridge and snipe the generator.

After I’ve destroyed all the generators, I’ll just snipe the command center.

I destroyed a level 3 base this way without taking damage at all.

Sometimes FNIX walls will have gas tanks on them. These are really useful cuz one shot will destroy the entire wall.

I just like to destroy endless waves of machines till my ammo is low, then i take out the “spawners”

I don’t like the game being changed to a base building/base defense game so when a fnix base pops up I destroy it asap. If I am in a major battle, I escape and head to the base. Find high ground and with a exp PVG 90 and AP rounds I destroy the walls till I can see the generators. Run in, open the pods and blast them with 2 RPGs. Then go for the main shield generator. Most the time I don’t waste time or rounds on any machines or the gun pods. 5 or 6 RPG rockets and all of the base is gone. What a pain in the butt these thrown in bases are.

Should have never been part of the base game and should have been a PAID DLC for all those that wanted a base defense/base building game. If it was a high demand item then think of the missed income base building would have brought in. I can see the zombies and terminator being added in at some point. Seen posts for them a lot more than I seen for base building.

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