Stora Hagbo homestead weapon location

Does anyone know where the weapon is at the Stora Hagbo homestead in the archipelago region? I’ve been up and down the place and can’t find it


Did you find it. I’m going spare looking myself.

That map is AWESOME!

Thanks to you or whoever created that.

While I definitely appreciate the map, I don’t find the weapon here… are those blue dots other possible locations?

Trying to complete every single additional “thing”, such as weapons/relays/gnomes/horses/etc… and I’m finding multiple locations where I thought I was done, but says Weapon 0/1… grrrr

EDIT Okay, blind James found the weapon… sheesh… gotta remember to look around more… Thanks again @0L0 for your spot on mapping work!!

For anyone struggling to find it:

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Thank you for posting the screenie :grin: I was looking in all the wrong places!:rofl:

what map where is it located in the discussion?

Lol I’m totally late to this hidden gem of a game tho i just have to say this the gun placement was soooo mean xD it just blends in so fucking good I legit passed it probably over 3 times whilst looking for the damn thing xD

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I wouldn’t call it mean, but deviously clever. You did mean the one at the boathouse, that was inderdeed not so easy to spot. There also a location that has a gun just laying in the mud away from the obvious scene. And in the new revamped areas there are lots of great parkour-style spots. It’s so much fun.

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