Storage box in the house where you spawn


Loving the game but my biggest gripe is when you spawn on your friends server and you happen to have full inventory. So you spawn at the dock in the beginning but the first house doesn’t have a box to store stuff you might need later. So you either have to throw stuff or take the slow walk all the way to the church…

So my suggestion is

Either make a system where you spawn on the server leader, or simply please add a box to store stuff in the house close to the dock where you spawn. Then you could atleast unload there.

With Friendly Regards


Good idea.
It wasn’t always that you spawned evers time at the beginning. This came with dark skies and the 4 worlds.

Not a good idea, because then you could start with all your dlc guns really right from the beginning. This should be changed anyways (the way of providing dlc guns/items)

If you start with DLC weapons here or at the church doesn’t really make a big diffrence. You can easily get them at the beginnning of the story anyhow

Just makes it easier to not have to run to the church to drop off stuff if you spawn in with full inventory

I always try to get my character ready for the next time I play before I exit. I recycle all the stuff I need to, repletion my supplies and ammo I normally carry to make sure I am not overweight. If I do it all at a locker then wait for it to finish saving there is a good chance, I will not lose anything and be ready to go.

When I log into steam I never know when I may get an invite to join a game so always ready.