Storage box shared across all characters

I just don’t think it should be like that, the one use I see is trading, but please make it toggleable on character/world/settings because new game plus is nice but having to either keep track of what I put in or not use it as all isn’t great.

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each character has there own companion space at 32.00

If you use a different character for each world and don’t want to share everything in storage then before swapping characters, take everything out of it and keep it in that character. Then use the next world character to fill up that world storage and so on. Downside is you have to remove everything each time you change worlds. Get to heavy to move then before overloading your characters go to the air base safe house and do it there. It is one of the safe houses you don’t have to move to access your storage so its ok to be to heavy.

That’s something which wouldn’t work for me.
I frequently lose all safehouses and don’t have much influence on where I spawn.
Either it’s luckily the safehouse where I quit the game, Airport or ringfort in many cases, or a nearby command bunker, or at the very first pier.

So yes, I agree, I would like to have at least the option to chose one of up to four plundras (select character, select world, select plundra) which would give us a whole bunch of different playing options.

The other option would be to bind the plundra either to a character or world slot.

With the first of this (character) you would have each character with an own unique inventory, no matter which world you play in.

With the second (world) you could share your inventory with all your characters, but can’t transfer it to another world… So starting a new world with an existing character would always give you an empty plundra.