Storage boxes in safe houses

I’m going to be quite frank, I’m a loot wh*r3. I collect everything as I play, and well, that makes inventory a problem even with maxed slots. I honestly think there should be storage boxes in safe houses so we can just store what we don’t want on us, I.e. other guns and ammo… like I said I loot everything, and I doubt I’m the only person who does this.


Same, even tho most the time I don’t even need anything more, I still loot lol. It drives me crazy when I’m at a place that has say 12 things to loot and my game says I only found 10/12. I go back and look for those last 2 lol. Lots of people are asking for this tho. You simply don’t make a looter shooter and not put a storage crate in the game…

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Exactly. Lol and when you want something but you have to drop some crap just to get the item :confused: lmao on top of that my inventory is just full of sniper ammo and some shotgun. I’m not really gonna drop any of that for an item. I’d rather store it than drop any of it. Who knows when I plan on changing my load out.

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The sad thing is… It’s in the tutorials for crates


I was reading another post. Apparently they’re in game but broken.

“I saw your post about it earlier, but i haven’t progressed far enough to know the general location you mentioned. Will have to keep looking, but to be clear…you’re confirming they are currently in game, correct?”

“Yes but not currently fully working , B4 patch it was a safe house and garage usual set up . After patch all boarded up with only one open door . So this could be one of many remade ’ safehouse ’ .:sunglasses: HERE is more of a Clue >> near KLINTE town ( N west coast on map ) There is a church Safehouse ( St , Maria’s Church ) When at church pick up gun club mission DO mission , when done walk UP ( North ) Away from gun club you will find what you seek . - ( i don’t just want to print location and take the fun away from others on here , thanks “

I definitely think there should be a storage system, although I don’t think there should be a storage box in every house.

For a long time, I’ve entertained the idea of implementing a “home base” where you can store stuff, as well as the inclusion of cars which can fill the role of mobile storage boxes.

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At least the larger safe houses should have em. I can at least understand this. Some safe houses are like, “ seriously. This is a safe house?”

I tried that, by making a backpack in my most-used safe house and putting into it everything I thought I was going to need, but didn’t need yet. It was there as long as I was playing, but when I came back the next time I played, it was gone. Shame - should be able to store in a safe house…

This is not a hoarding game.
One does not need 8 weapons, for instance…

Also, you can drop stuff and pick it up with a new character, as long as you do not exit the game.
Drop, go to menu, select other character, and go pick it up.

You can use alts to store.

Bless you, I don’t know all that… Other character? Er, what happens to the first one?

I just want heavy ammunition for when I find the right weapon, 'cos I’ve just met machines that nothing I have will kill, or even apparently damage, and they’re not standing around for me to creep up and drop something beside them, they are running and stamping on my face.

You can make up to four characters on your current game, my friend.
Just head to a safe house or bunker, drop your stuff, head to menu, …

It is this simple.
Just make sure: do NOT! exit the game, doing so will result in the loss of the dropped stuff.

Even better: you can create a second save, if you are on PC, drop a load on someone’s server, exit game and backup your current game (rename it), start game to make new save, head to drop location and pick it up. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that. If I have two characters, am I playing both of them at the same time? Can I just load the inventory of my ghost character and leave him in a safe, safe house, minding his own business until I come back? How do I switch between them? I could, then, amke the second one my girlfriend and then she’s safe, but i’m not aloooone sob

The second bit is worse. Eh? Server? Isn’t it on my computer? PC is yes, but surely the games are here on my hard-disk, aren’t they? Are they a .tab file or an .arc file? I have no idea…

No, in Menu, you have 4 character slots under swap character (or something similar).
This is a completely new character, it has your mission progress and safe houses, but no gear.
Use it to store on it. :slight_smile:

Cool, thank you.

The other solution I’ll leave alone.

I have picked up a walkie-talkie, which I seem to remember gives me the ability to fast travel to it. So I could drop that where I am, fast travel to girlfriend, pick up ammo, fast-travel back, repick it up and carry on. Is that right?

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Excuse me, girlfriend?
You’re playing with 2?
If you are, head to the FIRST house where the game began.
Mind: if you host, and leave to menu, she will be booted from your server…

I’m joking. You know, joking. If I’m getting into the game and have to create another character, she’ll be female, and I’ll go back and visit her!

As for hosting, I didn’t think I was - I thought I was playing a solo game, because I play really slowly, hate dying, never use roads, use high ground, sneaky-beaky, spend half an hour or more deciding how to kill the machines guarding a transmitter, for instance. I watch machines to spot their patrol routines, the limits of their guard, etc. Tedious for a shoot’emupp-er, so I play alone. Well, bugger me if a player didn’t suddenly pitch up! How? I made it: “by invitation only” and didn’t invite anyone. Doesn’t that mean I’m alone?

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did you exit to the main menu and go back in? Even if it says that it’s on invitation only, you have to re apply the settings every time you go into your world.

That I didn’t know. Chummy was better than me and was running about like a mad thing, which I don’t really like to do. But he did find a bunker quicker than I would have done, found the power button and waited beside it carefully for me to press it, which was kind. But then he got bored because I was searching every room and carefully rebuilding my stock and reorganising before I went on.

I shall check every time now…

Well, the thing is that if you don’t have one weapon that can use each ammo type, then you run the risk of running out. Which is really terrible in a game with no melee.

I never said you can only use ONE weapon, now did I? :slight_smile:

My current setup is:
Gold a4 with gold scope and gold barrel extension and 7.62mm FMJ (plenty of that around).
Gold semi-auto shottie with gold choke and buckshot.
A load of HP packs.

One does not need more.
However, you can still add say a Klaucke to the whole, or a .44.

3 weapons?
More than plenty.