Storage Container

So, I just began playing this game last night, maybe 24 hours ago and inventory has been a Struggle since i first got into the first City. It has become an even more troubling Issue as time has progressed and i got even further into the Story mode.

Right now, i travel around with around 6 Guns. Pistol, Auto 4, P30 (.50 Cal), .270Win, Auto 5 & a Rocket Launcher. I agree 100% 6 guns is too much, but there is Logistical reasons. i have a main Sniper rifle (.270WIN) and a Backup (P30). I do use the P30 on Heavier targets however. I have 2 Assault Rifles because the Auto 4 is a 7.62 Variant and the Auto 5 is a 5.56 Variant. Both use a Considerable amount of ammo. When your fighting and have 6+ mechs coming at you, honestly, you cant afford to be Conservative. Each gun has its use and each one has a backup, should something happen.

But even still, having all those guns not only takes up 3 Hotbar Slots, but also takes up 6 Inv slots, Plus the inv slots for ammo.

So far, this game is fun, but when your running around and having to drop stuff because you dont have room, it sucks… This is where i would like to suggest a Storage Box or Something along the lines inside of the “Safehouse” your character finds. 1 Storage box that is connected to each safehouse. That way you dont have too Fast travel between each Safehouse and such. But it would allow you to store guns for your friends or people you choose to play with later on, Ammo, Outfits, and such.

Really though, Some sort of Storage is needed for this game. Even more so if they have ideas of Expanding the map even larger then it currently is.

Hi ok personally you don’t need to carry that many …!
I carry 2 weapons in inventory 3 on person the A5 is harder to find ammo for at start of game I carry a ai 76 and hunting rifle to run around map that are fine for scouts/runners and hunters in inventory I carry 50 cal and rocket launcher for tanks/harvesters.
One way to store weapons is create a second toon and drop weapons from one and pick up with second BUT don’t log out completely to do this else will lose what you dropped…!!
If just starting would suggest putting 4 points in survival left side so1 in stam / 1 in running/2 in carry capacity after that choice is yours …!!!


I used to keep all the guns at first and realized it’s pointless. There’s no need to carry everything you find. Find weapons that work well for you and go with that. 1 pistol, 1 hunting / sniper for long range, and a shotgun / smg / assault rifle for general purpose use. Only pick up new stuff if it’s higher quality than what you already have, and then swap. If you like the rocket launcher, then you can perhaps carry that in you inventory and take it out when needed. There’s such little in actual performance difference between the different guns in the same class that there’s no reason to carry more than 1.

My personal picks are Klauke for pistol, .50 cal for sniping. In the early game, I carry an AG4 since it’s more versatile in terms of attachments than the AI-76, and 7.62 is easy to find even in early game. Later in the game, the AG5 becomes my main bitch. 5.56 is a lot rarer in terms of ammo and you won’t find much if any in the earlier stages of the game. I’ll sometimes carry a rocket launcher in my inventory as well.

That said, it was mentioned in one of the devs’ life stream a while back they’re looking into storage options for a future update. And I do think that would be a good idea.

I agree with storage boxes specially if you look in settings there is mention of storage boxes and crafting that is no where to be found…

personally, as a hoarder-style player, i always run into storage space issues. even while using all my 4 characters to distribute my loot, i ran out of storage space. It would feel bad to drop a gun just because you cant afford to carry it. A vault of some sorts is definitely needed.

Even if we get storage I can’t see it holding that much as 4 toons