Storage on mule avatar

Well, with this new crafting system the problem arose of conserving the stockpiles of accumulated materials. Personally I use the 3 avatars that are available, two of them are loaded with 280 kg of materials. Neither can walk, when I have to add something I first have to drop all the material to the ground, load the avatar with the new materials (not exceeding 112 kg otherwise it won’t move) then return to the backpack that I had dropped and collect everything together. I was wondering if there is a weight limit that the avatr can bear or can I load endlessly?

I know you can load over 1000 kg, so I bet it’s either 9999,99 or 99999,99 or it’s most likely that you can just load endlessly… And the hardcore players also grow endlessly annoyed with you. :wink:


my humble guess is that the limit is not a decimal number but a binary.
a unsigned byte can store a value between 0 - 255 and im guessing that a unsigned integer is used to store the value; 2147483647 being the largest value in decimal system, 7FFFFFFF in hexadecimal. :slight_smile:

In case anyone is curious;

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So people take issue with storage limitations, but we already have storage mules that can carry enough to supply the army.

I will repeat myself in interest of preserving the game’s original experience -

  • Limit storage spaces to 100 and limit storage space accessibility in safehouses.
  • Make storage spaces each individual to their location to entice players to stick with certain safehouses equipped with certain playstyles.
  • Separate characters from their world as one user per 4 characters can have 4 different story experiences. That said it’d need a good implementation for skill respec.
  • Limit world ammo spawns and spawn chances, whilst increase the likeliness of finding more ammo blueprints to give crafting better purpose.
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In truth, I’m not disputing anything at all. I just wanted to know if there was a limit, beyond which, the avatar could not store the material. I believe that everyone has the right to play however they like, within the limits set by the developers. If the avatar was designed to hold 1,000 kg of material, I don’t see what’s wrong with using this capacity.

There could be technical reasons. We’ve already seen issues of corrupted saves, stockpiling incredible amounts of items could also end up being a cause of it. Even if there’s no hard cap, I’d caution against using storage mules for that reason.

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Here, I did not know. To solve the problem it would be enough to put a weight limit, such as the plundra. I would set the avatar at 100 kg and the problem is solved (at least I think)

My mule is carrying my own weapons and attachments that I don’t want to trade away.
The Plundra holds those I want to trade or give away.


In addition to this, my mule is carrying 75.000 rounds of .50 BMG, that was kindly given to me by someone who thought it was a shame to just drop, which I agreed to and gladly accepted.
So my mule is carrying about 1.400 kg… :muscle:


Anyone using the “mule” exploit is a cheater in my eyes. :angry: Nothing more to say here.


It’s funny how some see this as cheating. One might wonder who’s cheating who. If you don’t like the concept of mules, fine by me. Don’t use them.

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@Aesyle It’s fine for me that’s your opinion. My «mule» was not a mule before I got all that ammo, and apart from that, carrying stuff safe within the normal weight limit. However, I agree with @pennywise in saying just who’s cheating who? I can’t see how it’s bothering anyone except myself. I barely think it’s worth even calling an exploit. Seems more like a feature than a bug.
Take the current Reaper loot-loop instead, now that’s what I call an exploit, not this. :slightly_smiling_face:


I personally don’t bother with mules I get enough things anyway for my characters I don’t need to be a hoarder XD

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100% agree. The mule is nothing more than smart inventory management.

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So yes, currently there’s no hard cap on weight limits. You can use another character as a storage mule if you want to. Or a “bank alt” as I’d like to call it, from my WoW days. Anywho, with the question answered I’ll be locking this one :lock: