Storage "Plundra" is freezing the Game

Hello I play on Playstation 5 and got the problem that my Plundra is freezing the Game.

As soon ill try to Open the Storage box (the opening line is nearly completed) the game freezes and never recovers.
The only fix to leave the frozen screen is to go back in menu and close the game.

This Bug appear in each safehouse in each box.

Replication try

  1. Teleport to different Safehouses.
  2. Try to open Box there.
  3. Game frozen.
  4. Restart Game/Try again

Even a new Character dont fix this Problem, it also freeze the Game when i try to open the Box there.

My guess is theres any Item inside my Box which crashes the game.

To play this game without a storage do not make any sense for me, so its time to say good bye even i wanted to buy the DLCs to support.

Ill keep the notifications on to get informed about some updates. So maybe, see you later

Regards Rakzorr

I got working my Storage Box again.

How i done it:

  1. Delete Game
  2. open the Memory settings search for Generation Zero and delete them from Playstation 5 Memory (should be saved at Cloud automatically)
  3. Download the Game
  4. Download the Game Memory from Cloud
    (Seems it dont get saved a damaged memory in the Cloud)
  5. It working
    (In my Case i lost nearly 3 Lvls, also my fresh farmed exo :/. Was my first one)

Hope i could help others with same Problems, and Developer find some Solution to fix at all.

Regards Rakzorr

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Issue Resolved, Thread closed, Thanks for your work and posting the results! Mod//