Storage Suggestion


It would be amazing if some sort of storage can be implemented into the game where safehouses have a chest or crate to keep items in. The game is pretty awesome as is but I’d be in heaven if I could keep spare items/weapons in a box somewhere.


this can be done with swapping items with our characters , but im not sure of the cheating factor of that.
a tent with our own chest would be really cool as mentioned by some other players.
i like and hope your idea gets attention and goes forward :smiley:


Would love to see this implemented. Being able to stash some of the extra guns/ammo/meds I’ve found would be fantastic. Planning to assault a tank? Switch to heavy fire power. Doing some light scavenging? Bring silenced weapons only. I’m here to thrive, not just survive!

The logical way to implement IMO is a footlocker or safe in tents or safehouses. Somthing clearly defined and not used elsewhere in the game.


l hope they add a Home base to the game. A place l can store items , upgrade items , fix items , build traps. l can then use safe houses to store these items to use in the fight against these bots .

That’s if they bring in some form of persistence to the game so l can lock down an area with traps and maybe some dead robot heads for then to scan and think twice about moving around my turf :smile: .

l was hoping the sanctuary mission at the start was going to be like fallout 4’s. :slight_smile:


as i understand it the dev team is working hard right now to iron out all the bugs , and they read our posts and we will most likely see some cool updates to game after some fixes, im looking forward to the fixes and updates , i believe storing items is a big suggestion from players , hope we get it :smiley: :smiley: