Storing stuff in dead robots?

Hmm we lost a 5* Kpist today when it was “transferred” into a dead hunter when looting it (probably because R or E or whatever keystroke was pressed). Before we could undo this the loot storage disappeared and hunter flew to sky. So two things:

  1. Please fix this dam*ed bug with hunters flying away when looting them.
  2. How the heck is even possible to transfer items from inventory to dead bodies??
**Platform:** PC

**Description:** In MP, Hunters disappear seconds after being killed

**Steps To Reproduce:** Start MP, kill couple of hunters, wait couple of seconds, see *SOME* of them disappear. This may happen even in the middle of looting.

**Images / Videos:** 

**Host or Client:** Both. Always one of the host or client can see all, the second one sees only few of them

**Players in your game:** 2

**Specifications:** AMD Ryzen 2600x, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080Ti, Win 10 Pro

The same way you are able to transfer items from destroyed machine to your inventory but in vice-versa.

Each machine (even ticks), have some sort of “inventory” where the loot appears. As long as you have the loot window open, you can transfer stuff to the machine. I once transferred 200 rounds of Glock 17 FMJ ammo to a FNIX runner since i was over the weight limit.

Tbh honest, a lot of other games function this way, can’t really blame Avalanche for doing this. But yea dead bodies

Yeah it wouldn’t be such a big issue if dead hunters stayed dead and not played astronauts :frowning:

Well, they are going to the machine heaven. :innocent:

Though, floating away machines is MP bug. In my SP game, no-one is floating anywhere and i have literal scrapyard left behind everywhere i go.

Yes, that’s the case.

Interesting thing - if we kill bunch hunters, one of us always sees all of them, but not the second one and vice versa.

That ties to the sync issue and who made the kill shot.

For example: i kill a runner and you kill a harv. Once you fast travel away from the battle zone and i don’t, harv gets despawned while runner stays.

But we are not fast traveling when this happens.

A situation - a FNIX harvester + 4 FNIX runners. We both killed runners first and harvester second. Before we could loot, about 8-10 Apo hunters entered the scene from nowhere. We killed 2 or 3 and ran to safety where we got the rest of them. Post-battle scene - of 6 dead hunters I could loot 4, fifth disappeared while being looted by me (virtually jumped 3 meters away from me a vanished), my partner looted all of them. When we returned back to initial battle scene, both harvester and his 4 runners were there, lootable, but none of the apo hunters we killed before we had to run.

Yeah, there is some issue with destroyed hunters in MP. Most likely there’s a fix for that in next update.