Story idea/possible enemy types

Story part 1 -
With the successful deployment of the Wolf and Lynx series, the Soviet powers decided to up their game, deploying their own large-scale battle ready machines, the “Bear” Series to Sweden.

A large 2 legged walker to contend against the various classes of “Tank” and “Harvester” Series.

  • Prototype Class
    Least armoured of the series but still packs a punch, armed with dual auto turrets, no close quarter defence.
  • Combat Class
    Fairly armoured, can be armed with dual auto turrets/missile launcher combo, gattling gun /rocket launcher/missile launcher. Close qaurter defence used is Airburst.
  • Spec Ops Class
    Heavily armoured, nuclear core powered. Armed with dual gattling guns/dual rail guns/dual missile launchers. Close quarters defence used is nuclear core exhaust. Slight possibility of small thermobaric explosion upon bot destruction.

Story part 2-
With the ongoing machine threat in Sweden and with the Soviets deploying their machines, the USA the entire time have been monitoring the situation evolving before them, sitting by what seemed idlely. To the surprise of everyone, 2 series of American made machines we call the “Raptor” and “Goliath” appeared out if nowhere, fighting against everything that stood before them. Turns out now was the right time for the Americans to test their machines of war and what a place to test other than Sweden with the current situation.

Highspeed, 4 wheeled, weaponized ATV, size of “Runner” series

  • Invasion Class
    Moderately armoured, highly manueverable. Armed with dual USA prototype pulse rifle

Large Quad Legged Machine

  • Invasion class
    Heavily armoured, nuclear core powered, armed with quad USA prototype pulse rifles and dual USA prototype pulse cannons. Close qaurter defence used is napalm burst. Slight possibility of small thermobaric explosion upon bot destruction.

I like your idea with the nuclear cores, would be really nice to have one more source for getting uranium. Having base defense being the only way to get uranium is a pretty bad concept.


I like the idea of these machines but idk about pulse rifle things they kinda feel like they would go in a different game.

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I love those ideas, especially the bear it sounds pretty hard to take out.

I thought the same thing at first Moldyaco, then i looked at preexisting weapons, some of the current classes of tanks have railguns and the apocalapse classes have radioactive weapons, we have the experimental weapons or known as 6 crown. That gives some room to play without going extremely over the top.
What i propose with the pulse rifles/cannons is more so utilizing something that is already used as a defence, that concussion blast when close to i believe military class tanks, only having it has a weapon, for example the rifles would give off small series of little directed concussion waves, almost doing the same effect as the explosive shotgub rounds some hunters use, whilst the canon would be a large directed burst, almost like the grenade launcher from some of tank/harverster series just more of a direct projectile path

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Thar sounds good. I’m pretty sure prototype tanks have some kind of rail guns on them, at least this update.

except none of those are energy weapons. they have bullets or rockets or explosives. theres actually something being shot

how about an enemy I don’t know what to call it it’s three times the size of a seeker having the same alarm but it is armed it also uses the same propulsion as a seeker but bigger

  • prototype
    lightly armored
    submachine gun

  • military
    duel submachine gun
    slightly more armored

  • FNIX
    duel submachine gun
    rocket pods
    with armor to match

  • apocalypse
    heavy armor
    bio-chemical submachine gun
    duel rocket pods
    duel alarm system