Story rewards for completing missions

I love the game, but one thing is bothering me.

When I finish a mission, I would like to get a text/voice/cutscene of some kind discussing the mission and the insight my character got during it. Nothing major, but something to make it feel like I’ve progressed the story a little bit.

If all I get is some XP and the mission marked as done, it feels kinda pointless.



Good point.
There are some missions and situations that really could need some more other elements of storytelling.

Additionally I would love to have some points where the game really feels like I progressed in the story.

If you just play without doing most of the missions outside of archipelago region, you can still get, have, see and do everything the game offers.

The only great change happens if you complete the new building blocks mission, as it opens the base assaults and defenses.

But there where so many changes to the game that should be hidden behind a mission with a cutscene at its end… Like some revamps or the appearence of the soviets.

Most of the rest just is told by the entries in the log… But they, too, would benefit if some parts of them would be told as cutscenes or at least, after the missions, in a way like we are speaking about what we would write into our log/diary.


I like this idea. Currently when a mission is finished it just moves on to the next one. It would be more immersive and even make sense from a gameplay standpoint to include a post-mission summary for example, detailing what you did and how the mission concluded, to further the story.


:thinking: But you don’t only get that.

Most missions give lore in the form of visual setpieces in the world and during the mission you get recordings, collectables with lore, maps, notes, voiceovers, and personal logs which all add to the story.

How you connect the dots is up to you.

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It’s a matter of personal taste.

It took a while for me to see that there is a log with additional lore for each mission and collectible.

That’s ok. If you don’t want to read all that, you don’t have to. But like I said, there are some events that could get optimized by something more than just an entry in the log.

How could it get optimized? And don’t say cutscenes, the game never used those (for a reason, I guess). Do you want to change the game into a linear experience, where every mission follows the same for everybody? No more open world game and choosing what mission to do first?

The game always kept us slightly in the dark, and we had to piece every bit of lore together ourselves. This mystery is part of what this game felt so great. The search for clues, trying to understand what was happening.

I’m just wondering what concrete changes the devs could add that would work with all players following a different order in missions, and so mostly found different lore, and therefore would have different insights. The devs should have to check what missions were done for each player, and have different summaries for each possible point reached in the lore. Impossible!

Can you pick an example mission a bit further in the story, and give an example of the Insight text you would like to see?

I am not saying the the idea of OP isn’t good, but it need concrete examples of how the devs could implement sach a request. I don’t see it, at this point.

No, but yes. :crazy_face:

At the moment, the games story is linear in archipelago region. Then it offers great freedom to do what you like and in which order in general. There are some small dependencies for some missions that make them linear in a limited frame.

What I would like to see is, as the game evolves, that it gets splitted into chapters. Let’s say, the story in total is linear, but the way isn’t.

And these chapters may end or start with some more storytelling elements, like the introduction of the game if you start a new playthrough, a cutscene or the players character talking to him/herself… Or a storyteller that tells us some words.

For example, imagine a mission that ends a chapter… Now in the next chapter the soviet landfall starts. This could be introduced by something like the Landfall-Trailer. Maybe additional a text “2 weeks later…”.

Something like with the introduction of the firebirds, where you meet them and fight them numerous times before there is a mission that introduces them, should be avoided. Such logical gaps, to say it short.

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But the OP want to get story insight handed on a platter for every mission, not just the last one for each chapter. When you played a mission didn’t you know what you did, and didn’t you know what insight you gained?

And about chapters: Don’t you think that introduction of chapters cancels the free choices of an open world game? Can people still roam the world, but no new missions would be found, if a chapter is not finished yet?

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But but… imagine you experiencing the FXIX apocalypse for real. Would you then also expect to be introduced at forehand of every enemy you encounter. I don’t believe you would, because impossible. So why expect it in a evolving game. To me it’s far more logical that in the beginning you do not know anything of this new enemy. And only after other resistance fighters (Mona) did reconacense they decided to call for your help to attack the source, you knew more.

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I think the current system is ok, like you say it is up to you to connect the dots.

But I would like that when you finish a mission the game pop up to the mission log for that mission.

Dont know if this is changed but when I played all the missions it was very annoying to find the log entry for the mission you just finished in the list with all missions especially long in to the story with many completed missions. If not changed at least this would make sense so you have a easier time finding the entries to read the lore.

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@Gysbert and @FreeCandy

Yes, I see.
And yes, I knew what I did and I knew what insight I gained. And that was enough for me to play the game. But there is also much more info/lore that is just hidden behind text in the log, which could be presented better.

Or at least like FreeCandy said… Getting a link to the log would be good, too. But for that sometimes a break would be needed. Nothings more bad than a popup about a completed mission with a shortcut to the log by pressing Cross, Square, Circle, or Triangle (Playstation) while you’re still in a fight… Just reloading, jumping, taking cover, switching weapon and suddenly jumping into the log screen and getting killed…

Good point.

I think both is possible. What I just want to say is, that the (new) players should get a chance to experience the whole game and its evolution. Imagine a year later… Maybe you’ll jump in the game and you’re immediatly in a war between 4 or 5 factions (nato, iron church added). The whole experience that lead there would be missed. By this it’s hard to take newer players…

It occurred to me that instead of cutscenes, we might find video footage in addition to audio. For example, at the airport there would be a camera shot of the fighter trying to take off but being destroyed by the machines. Or in a factory in the forests, there could be footage of machines being made and so on.

I’d like to read the story, but my English isn’t good enough to enjoy it.

I do read the logs etc.
But the moment the mission ends, I would like to receive a final log, or anything really…

Now the mission just turns grey and if there were any additional lore, I need to dig into the missions to find it as the game has already moved on like it didn’t matter at all.

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