Story telling - non expert opinion

So by all means I’m not an expert in design nor story telling field.
But :wink: I’m 150h in to the game and I have no idea what G0 story is…
I just recently noticed the setting that lets me have the voice-overs in English. Till recent I had them in Swedish (I don’t speak Swedish). Rest of the game in English on one PC and in Polish on another. I believe that having the story told in the form of logs is not the greatest idea (Fallout 76 was heavily criticized for that-as an example), having them by default in Swedish is one huge mistake.
I love the game and I will keep playing it, but please reconsider the whole idea on how you tell the story, because without it… this game is just repetitive and boring… at least after reaching mid game.

I am using spoken Swedish with English subtitles and to me the story seems clear enough. The fact that some of the story elements are missed, or are confusing or could be false leads, or might even be lies is all part of the mystery as to what is going on. More doubt = more tension. I wouldn’t want to understand the facts right first time as though it were handed to me by a Disney scriptwriter :wink:

I actually like the original spoken language as it maintains immersion.