Strange EMP At Babaroga Outpost

Me and @Mi_KA_1_777 were playing GZ, searching for War Figurines, and we found something @tene mentioned in a video, the strange Soviet EMP.

You can pick up this, but you get only a Small EMP Cell.

Maybe this should help to find it :wink:

Just a rumor, but either it again is an item they spoilered and which belongs to an upcoming mission, or we will see more of them in the future.

It looks like a mission item, also, I hope the fact that I collected it, will not affect the mission progress when we will get a new mission.

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I shall further investigate this

I think I may have found the second or even the third place to the EMP that you found. It was located do west of the safehouse at Arkelstorp the place is unmarked on the map but it is a Soviet base on a hill


Never saw one there.
Could you provide a screenshot?

Sure I can but it tomorrow when I get on

emp soviet tick. damn soviets dont have small robots. that could be it emp soviet some kind.

Looks like the location NNE the soviet trenches


That’s Ekebygärden, If you mouse-over the yellow icon it should give the name, since you have unlocked the icon for that place.

I just visited the location.
No soviet emp thing there…

The only place I found that have these small EMP’s in a holder is Babaroga Outpost. I believe Ekebygärden does has a lamp resembling the holder seen at Babaroga.

Back in the day I made a Soviet Camps route where I mentioned these EMPs.

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