Strange markings on ammo crate

I’ve never seen this kind of crate. Anyone else?

I can say I have. Location?

At farm near safehouse. In barn. image|690x318

Honestly, I never paid a lot of attention to the ammo crates.

If the devs are changing the signs on the ammo crates, what do you think their reasoning is

They are consistent with updates, or “chapters” if you prefer.
On Himfjall boxes mostly are smooth olive green with yellow triangle (Apoc color scheme) - probably introduced with “Alpine Unrest” (got game at May’20). First patches with “FNIX Rising” began spawning orange boxes, usually at region where DLC’s quests start (Archi, SC and south farmlands). “Square with tripple crowns” I noticed after “Reaper’s Hole” patches.
Russians… brought own crates.

There may be some lore behind the markings but none is found in the game. At least, different looks give us some variety to the loot boxes. An eyecandy to say so.

Not entirely true, since those orange boxes are found on Himfjäll as well and as early as November '19 update, when Alpine Unrest DLC was released.


Taken during my playthrough of Himfjäll.
Loc: Tärnboda skans port.

Another screen as well, at the left side, on the counter.
Loc: Furbacka vacation village, where Capitulation side mission ends.

Besides that orange box, Himfjäll also brought us two new loot suitcases: one looking like business one, brown, with sharpish edges and another one looking like travel one, with smooth edges and comes in variety of colors (green, yellow, cyan etc).

Image is not working. a Barn near one of 101 safehouses isn’t narrowing it down. Do you know what safehouse?

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Even when OP gets the loc right, do note that loot containers are randomly spawned for everyone and while OP may have that loot container at that loc, you may not.

These ammo crates are all over Himfjäll, e.g here’s the 1st one i have in Tärnboda skans, just left from Kundsam store and right from the truck, on West side of Tärnboda skans:

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Well, I’ve wrote what I’ve observed and what was consistent with me and you had proof.

Nothing wrong with your observation. I just corrected it. :wink:

All-in-all, i prefer seeing new skinned loot containers in GZ. It gives more “life” to the world. :slightly_smiling_face:

Though, i’m more interested as of why there is a triangle on the face of ammo boxes? :thinking: It gives me Illuminati vibes.

It could be a warning symbol. But then it should be an exclamation mark in the middle

I don’t think it would be warning symbol. It looks too subtle.

Thinking a bit of it, i have 2 theories:

  1. Devs wanted to put some kind of symbol there but rather than using the common symbols found in most games (e.g bullet image or “ammo” lettering), they put simple geometrical symbol in there instead.
  2. Triangle is used to show proper orientation of the ammo box. Top tip of the triangle shows which side the box opens, while the flat triangle side indicates the floor of the box.

I’m leaning more towards your first theory, because of the “clickers” on the boxes