Streamer Giveaway Codes Playable When?

I won a code from a Generation Zero Xbox One X streamer Qbvillin today Wednesday 17th. If I redeem that code now, what happens on Xbox with the beta? Do I get to download and play right now like a Streamer Beta Access or does the code start me tomorrow?

I believe it should start you tomorrow

Actually, I tried the 5x5 code that was a giveaway. The MSStore will show the code belongs to Generation Zero. But since it’s probably only a General Beta Test code, the redeem won’t follow all the way through and won’t show in MS order history either. At least, it won’t redeem properly until tomorrow, because I’m educatedly guessing all or most giveaway codes from streamers are codes for the General Beta Test only, and not a code that will work on the Streamers Beta Test day, or today.

It makes sense. Give a code away to someone who will then stream the same day as the contest streamer, but with no codes to dole out? No way.

Yeah of course, the codes that streamers get to try the game early are special, they can only give out normal codes and as such the code you won will only work in about 10 minutes :slight_smile: