Streamer sign up?

Hey I saw the msg on Discord “If you have a streaming channel with OVER 10k followers and need more info/keys you can send an email to”

I signed up through your website but i would love to get on this today if possible as i have what is asked. Is it too late? I don’t really know where to turn, thanks.

Send an email, you may not get the code today, but if you may get some codes to give out to your viewers :slight_smile:

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I was about to tell you to email us, then I realized I already DID email you back and am currently watching your stream. :smiley: It’s super entertaining, glad to see you all enjoying it so much!


Hello, I see this thread is pretty old and probably applied to the PC Beta but I figured it was at least worth sending a message here to ask what the best way to reach your Press team is for Key requests? I create content with the latest PlayStation titles for our Nalyo Gaming channels on YouTube, Twitch, etc… and we would love to cover this title. I sent an email to the general Press@ email i found on Google but I was hoping to reach out directly to whoever the best person to talk with would be. Thanks for your time and congrats on the console launch to your entire team.

Kind regards, Jason

Hello Jason, the email address you’re looking for is

Thank you, I went ahead and sent it. Have a great day.