Stuck at sportsfield in the home team

Platform: PC

Description: So I can’t progress the home team mission because when I try to listen to the radio in the police car it doesn’t play anything. Previously it started playing but I hopped to main menu to change character because I was going to go play with friends (we ended not playing so I didn’t join my friends game). After I hopped back in I ran back to the sportsfield tried to listen to the police radio and nothing happened. I tried even creating a new character.

Steps To Reproduce: 1. Start listening to the police radio and go to main menu. 2. Change characters 3. Change back 4. Go back in to the game and listen to the radio.
Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Singleplayer

Players in your game: Me


Did you check the mission log?
I’d guess that you skipped this part of the mission.
Watch the log to see what you need to do next. Did you activate the mission again to see its markers or is it even already finished?

It’s telling me to find clues around the military trucks at the sportsfield

If I’m not wrong, look at the tables.

It shows the prompt for the police radio but nothing else.