Stuck Icons on Compass?

Hey guys,

There are several posts about this but I didn’t find a fix listed in any of the threads. My Compass is a mess, there are 6 Safehouses and several other icons showing and I cannot get them to go away. I am on PC, never had this issue on console. Anyone know how to fix this?

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You need to go to every safehouse that is displayed on your compass. Unfortunately there is no other way.

Pick one icon, look straight at it, go to map and draw a imaginary straight line into direction where your player marker is pointing. If that imaginary line crosses a safehouse → fasttravel to it.

Repeat for other icons.

Unfortunately icons will reappear after playing multiplayer.


Sound like a topic that could go in #feedback-feature-requests, because it seems like it would be a nice Quality-of-Life update.

Thank you i’ll try that

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