Stuck in a middle of a mission 27 July 2023

Platform: XB1, my gamertag NovelEAter0

Description: Hello, my game crash yesterday doing a mission i comeback today and the mission continue but its stuck in step of the mission. Instead to restart it begin in the middle of it, but i i finished the mission talk to the pnj , all step are done except one. My stuff got roleback. I changed from a KVM 59 go Klauck but when i launch it this morning i got the kvm.

Steps To Reproduce: Idont know, but surely crash the game doing the mission. Maybe uninstall the DLC, donwload it again. I rage quit yesterday and did that.

Host or Client: me i was alone.

I restarted the game and i restart the mission from the beginning. Its so tiring there are so many crashs and bugs fix them pkease

Since you say you finished the mission “The Resistance”, try if you can go to Log / Missions and see if you can deactivate the Resistance mission. Or fast travel away and then exit to menu. Then continue the game again, see if it still starts with that mission.