Stuck in tent opening

*Platform: Ps4 Pro

Description: Got stuck in tent opening at safehouse Brevikens camping

**Steps To Reproduce: enter the tent

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client: host

**Players in your game solo player

This is a known issue that does happen to some players :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be resolved in a future patch!

some things are placed weird in relation to the terrain. i remember a shed when the game first came out that i spent way too long trying to get in before i was told on discord that it was a bug. some tents are just a little too low it seams.

On the topic of sheeds. Managed to get on top of a sheed and the roof wasn’t solid at all. I guess to roofing was rooten :slight_smile:

Please can i just say youll find more objects create this annoyance for example in a bunker with a jet battling and you run under the wing or crouching under it locks you in place.The only way out is fast travel wich could be miles away.

Depending on your supplies at the time. I was stuck so I healed up with health packs, dropped a gas tank at my feet and shot it to dislodge myself.

Or you can just fast travel to the closest safe house.

For me that would have been backtracking too far. I wanted to keep going forward.