Stuck on cassette loading screen

Hey there. I’m stuck on the cassette loading screen, It loads then freezes, After that I have to restart my computer I can’t ctrl-alt-delete or alt-f4 out of this, This occurred to me for 2 weeks ago and I can’t enter the game anymore, What should I do ?, Also thanks for working in these harsh times. :heart::rose: much appreciated.

I would try to verify the game files integrity from steam.
I belive you find that option if you right-click the game title in your library and select the right drop-menu option, may be settings or something similar. I will check when im at the computer later today, in case you cant find it…

Further troubleshooting: did you update your graphics drivers or install anything else (hw or sw) previous to this issue?

Hey, sorry to hear you’re having issues. Feel free to use the Bug Report Template when reporting issues, so we get all the information.

@liggisten I’ll do it for you :wink:

Right click Generation Zero in library > Properties > Local Files tab > Click the Verify Integrity of Game Files button.