Stuck underneath a Vråken. Again

For the gazillionth time I’m stuck underneath one of the canard wings of a Vråken fighter jet.
No matter how I crouch or try to jump or anything, I’m just wedged under the wing.

The thing is I can’t even fast travel my way outta here since I’m under constant fire from a Harvester that just will not call it a day.

I’ve had this problem at several aircraft bunkers, but ain’t sure about how to exactly recreate this besides walking under that canard wing.
Currently I’m stuck at Anläggning 129 Viggohem, and I play at PS4.

Let’s hope this harver goes home for dinner soon…

You can always get killed (or kill yourself with grenades or gastanks), then press abort and respawn at another safehouse.

Also, since the last update added prone, maybe you can crawl out?

I kind of agree and disagree with you tho, the majority of me thinks its not a bug.
But it would be nice to have a “stuck-detect-feature”, that would automatically force you out of those locations.
I often get stuck under the open back door of the volvo-cars, but crouching is usually enough to get out.

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Yep. Handgrenade Airlines became my ultimate solution. Prone should hopefully fix this.

I do think this is a to be considered a bug though. Getting stuck inside a cargo container (happens easily) is one thing, adding that container scavenging might be dangerous, but this whole Vråken situation is just ridiculous.

Yeah, it’s not intended. Likely has to do with collision of the airplane model. A few patches ago they applied fixes to some of these, but not all.

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