Stuck with progression

Hi, I’m currently totally stuck and cant progress further. I’ve finished ‘a wrench in the works’ but now have no more missions to do.
I know I’m missing ‘enemy of my enemy’ but its failed to start. I’ve done all bunker and tick jammer/radio missions also. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this? I’m about to delete and re-start, which sucks as I’ve done it all solo. Please help. Anyone??

Which platform are u playing on (Xbox One, PC or PS4)?

Xbox one. Its driving me nuts. Been trying to fix it all day.

Have you tried joining some else game and tried to complete the mission? Other than that I don’t know what else to try.

I know that the achievement should pop once the mission is done weather it was done in solo play or multi-play.

If u want u can join my game and we can rush through the main mission. I’m also on xbox one and recently started a fresh save primarily for the It’s the Final Countdown achievement.

Hey thanks it’s a kind offer, but I’m gonna just start again anyway. Sad times. Hit me up if you want to blow stuff up my GT is Natsanwa :+1:

Ok, you are free to send me a message and my GT is Radiant Flames.

Have you tried deleting your character and starting all over? Seems that’s your only option that works for this game. Forewarning though, might still glitch again.

I deleted my lvl 28 character last night. Running through it again and hoping for the best. I really like the game and its potential, but if it messes up again I wont make another. Fingers crossed!