Subtitles in the middle of my screen

I was playing on a person’s world where I didn’t have the Alpine dlc installed. I was messing around trying to get to the DLC without the DLC so I hopped on the boat and I layed down on the very front of the boat after I hit the button and I fell into the water and couldn’t get out. And I would keep on getting the same words. You do not own this DLC redirecting or repositioning. I’ve had to restart my game at least 5 times and there was nothing. I could do about it besides restarting my game.

Why did you have to restart your game? I don’t understand.

What exactly is your issue?

  • The topic tells that you have an issue with subtitles.
  • You’re talking in general about trying to get to Himfjäll without having Alpine Unrest installed.
  • Why did you have to restart your game?
  • And why 5 times?!
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I don’t get it either… :man_shrugging:

Maybe he tried 5 times to get there without owning the DLC… :thinking: :man_shrugging:

Definitely no bug…

Ever player I seen try to get to the island will not stay on the boat at all when it starts to move and shoots you back to the dock. I don’t know what messages that pops up because I bought the DLC the day it was released.

But it’s the same as jumping into the water there, you get tossed back up on the dock area. Maybe you were standing to close to the edge and repeatedly falling back in. That happens and you just adjust a little and you stay on land then.

If you are thinking restarting the game will help you cheat, or you are using a mod…There is no help for you here. Please provide more detail so we can try and help if possible.

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Some time ago I read about the engineers of GZ and how surprised they were about the sometimes genius inventiveness of players :smiley: