Suggestioin off indicator on allready owned stuff


Hi Generation Zero Crew.
I have a suggestion on something that I missing in the game right now.
And that is a counter or some sort of marker that explain that I own a thing.
For example: If I have a purple rifle scoope 1x4 in my Plundra/inventory or on a rifle and I loot something that have a purple rifle scoope 1x4 in it, I then want to know if I allready have that or not in someway.
Something that indicate that I allready have one or X amount of that item somewhere on me or in the Plundra.

(This maybe allready have been suggestion from others, then you can delete this topic.)
Thanks for a great game and work from you.


I appreciate that this might be useful, but on the other hand I think that it is fair to assume that you know what you’ve got. The one thing I don’t like about the Plundra is, that it is so easy to use it as a dump for excessive stuff. I would rather (and we’ve discussed that many times already) that the Plundra shows the quality of stuff (e.g. a scope) in the listing of contents.