SUGGESTION - Add a mission reset button or something

I have heard that a lot of people are experiencing crashes in the bunkers and doors getting permanently stuck.
I have had that issue as well:
One week ago I was doing the Spiking the guns mission and I was almost done with it until my internet cut off. I restarted the game and went back to the bunker and all the doors were stuck, no way of opening them. I even collected all the mission items again and turned on the power, but nothing…

So, is there a way you could add some kind of mission reset button, so people could complete bugged and broken missions. Or somehow fix the doors that they won’t get stuck.


i know it’s an old post but this is still a much needed thing.
one obstacle is finding a way to reset missions that are “hidden” from our log. they show up on the map still so maybe let us select and restart the mission from there. take all of the mission items we found away (including card keys) and let us go back and interact with whatever started the mission to begin with.


Hey there!
Since there hasn’t been much of a dialogue I wanted to add my thoughts on this aswell. I know the team is very busy with porting the FNIX rising add on to console. But please still consider a button for mission reset. I am lucky that I could finish the main missions but some sidequests disappeared after playing multiplayer. I thought I can still play those by visiting the mission areas (at some it worked) but there is still something missing.
And there is the challenge to complete side missions wich I cannot complete. The only possible way to play those is by joining someone who can still play those missions. But since I’m play in 85% in single player that isn’t the best option.

So pretty please with sugar on top, make a reset button. If possible, two (one for main and one for side missions).

Playing on Xbox one x.