[Suggestion] Allow us to lean around corners


So it is now 2020 and we still have games where you have to step fully out in to the open in order to see or shoot past that corner.

Arma 3 and some others have had leaning to peek or shoot available for years (Arma has 9 positions !!). Without it movement feels very ‘basic’. No lying on the ground, no looking around corners etc.

Can we also have this mechanism added for the modern age, even if limited to just lean left and lean right ?.


there is something like this in the game already. if you stay close to a door way and you zoom with your weapon you will see that you peak around the corner. ofc it’s not the same like in arma and maybe it’s not perfect but it’s there


Erm… why is that necessary?
I mean, sure, every so often machines indeed shoot back, but adding this would imbalance the game even further, I think.


Maybe, It’s hard to say if you right. Probably needs to be tested first.


And thank you, many think I simply say no, you then take it actually as a question.
For which, my gratitude, brother.

First, however, they should set up a test server where a few can test this out?



Because that’s what you would do in real life?


In REAL life machines would beat the crap out of you from 1 mile away before you even made it out the door.
More, they’d shoot you through the wall with AP ammo.
If they don’t just blow the entire building up, that is.

And you missed the point, it’s not about the move itself, sir, but about balance.
Balance already is out the window, adding even more cover…
And balance is what I brought up, specifically…

I would support it… if AI was fixed in the first place.
For now though, it leaves me with a question in regard to this already non-existing balance.


You should make it so that the machines, once the have a lock on you, should be able to track you position through cover and have that specific “burst of fire” (bullets) be able to penetrate some surfaces like “Housing infrastructure” (houses for people and sheds alike).

I’m always interested to see what you have to say, leave your comments down below.
Happy Hunting!!!