(Suggestion) Broken mission fix tool

I’ve played this game not that long. Maybe two or three weeks. Within those weeks, I’ve already had to reset my progress because one of the missions was broken. This was one of the bunker missions that had the inactive runner in one of the crates. I had killed it when I wasn’t supposed to, and I was unable to progress from there. After I reset, and started from scratch, I had encountered yet another broken mission. This time, it was the lighthouse with the doctor in it. I had killed all of the patrolling robots, including the ticks inside the building, before the mission was accepted or started. Once I arrived, I was unable to complete the mission and the icon wouldn’t disappear from my screen. It would be great if there was some sort of tool that would ‘skip’ or ‘complete’ a portion of a mission if something has broken.

Yes, mission stuff should only become available when a mission is active, and not before.
It should also take the order of things to get/do, so you can’t screw your game in that way up.

As for a FIX tool?
I do not think, that is even possible, however, I could be very wrong there.

“Temporary™” workaround:
Make back-ups of your save (since you did not give a platform, I assume you are on PC, as the game was meant to be a PC game primarily), every hour or 2 hours.
In worst case scenario, you can revert then to a previous save.

or they could add an abandon mission option to current missions that would remove the mission and all the items that go with it, and also the ability to interact with the mission starting items again.


You could just exit the game and start it again - the runner would reappear and the mission would progres.

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VERY clever idea!!!
I like that a LOT.

Thank you, simple, yet VERY effective and efficient.

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I’ve done this multiple times.
And well, it didn’t quite work.

@Xogroroth In reply to your idea about not having mission items untill the mission is started, they could set it so all quests are already active, and if youve already completed a task before you found the quest they just reward you straight away. Seems like thatd be easier to implement

Actually that’s how it already works for the most part. I’ve picked up mystery items in the world that did nothing when I picked them up. Then all of a sudden I pick up a mission, and it immediately completed because I had all the items.

Where missions are currently breaking is when they require you to KILL something in order to complete. If you kill the machine before picking up the objective, it breaks the mission completely. Two examples of this are the mission at the airfield where you have to kill a bunch of ticks jamming the power system, and in Minken Bunker where you have to kill a dog that’s draining power. In both those cases, it’s far too easy to come across those objectives before actually getting the mission. And that’s why people are encountering problems with this type of mission.

This has been an ongoing discussion and there are several thread on the issue on the forum. Many have suggested the option to reset a mission or to be able to abandon a broken mission in progress and start over as a “fix”.

Personally, I would much prefer them to actually fix the missions permanently so this isn’t an issue in the first place. However, I would be totally cool to have an option to reset / abandon a mission and replay it.

Just so you know, you didn’t have to reset your progress for the Minken bunker mission. All you have to do is invite someone else to your game and bring them there. They will be able to see the Walker still in tact and they can blow it up, then the mission progresses. Someone mentioned they did that a while ago so I tried it and it worked. Just letting you know in case it happens again or if someone else has the issue you can pass on the information. It’s a lot easier than resetting your progress!

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@0L0 I can confirm this does not work. I tried it many times doing many different things, the only way to progress is to invite someone into your game and get them to blow it up cause they will be able to see it, even tho it’s destroyed on your screen. Or, restart your game completely and do the whole beginning part all over…

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Will confirm that this works. This is how I managed to get around the mission being broken on my game my first time through. Got my buddy to join in with me. I couldn’t see the dog in the cargo can at all, but he could. He killed it and we managed to complete the mission.

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There needs to be a missions reset option I think for each mission, that resets all progress and mission pickups. Now that my Minken Bunker mission was glitched, I carried on in other parts in that area and have now bugged out some other missions by finding stuff pertaining to certain missions.

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