[SUGGESTION] Color code rocket launcher ammo

Red = High Explosive
Blue = Electromagnetic
Yellow = Smoke

I really just want an easier way to QUICKLY identify the ammo I want to equip/drop/move.


Yes please. A neat little QOL feature, I support it! :+1:

And devs, when you’re done with that, how about introducing AP rounds for the GRG? You know, more suited for heavy armor targets, like tanks? :slight_smile:



Very good suggestion. That would make life easier. :+1:

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Definitely a good Idea !!

That would have prevented me from shooting smoke rounds instead of HEDP at a tank in the early days with my first GRG and wondering how useless this thing is… :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Though I do not use the bookaza, I can see coloured tips for instance, sure.
It will indeed help those that use them.

Very good suggestion and one that shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

I would also like to add: When a machine is shooting rockets at me, when I finally kill it, it should have rockets for loot not shotgun ammo or 9mm smg ammo. I use a ton of ammo to kill all of these suckers only to get a bunch of loot that I can’t use, or don’t need. Thanks.

Yeah, color coding the rocket shells would make differentiation between them easier.

In the beginning (launch day), machines did drop the ammo true to the weapon they had. Few months on-wards and most of the player base wanted to get most, if not all ammo back from the kill, rather than looting it from the world and devs changed that.

Now, you get first aid kits from most machines and gain about 80% of spent ammo back when taking down bigger machines (harvs/tanks).
Introduced in June’s Update. From patch notes, read: “Machine Loot”.

With this, there’s much less initiative to explore and collect gear (first aid kits and ammo) from looting. That, and bigger machines won’t drop the ammo THEY use against you, instead you get what YOU use against them, with some exceptions.

I, personally, don’t like the Machine Loot at all but i guess there were far more people who wanted that. And now we have it.

I’d say many exceptions…

All that useless ammo you get from e.g. APO Hunters, most often SMG or .243 And if you put that against the amount and type of ammo you need to down an APO Hunter… annoying…

Not to speak of APO Hunter Rivals that seem to always give me a few .243 and nothing (!) else… not worthy of a Rival so to say… and you even need more ammo to down them.

And now back to topic… :wink:


Thumbs up for color codes.
Or visually make them different. But colors are probably easier/quicker to implement.