[SUGGESTION] Companions that Level Up

Does the Companion’s damage input increase the more you use it?

When you first use the Companion, you complete the “Making Friends” mission in the Archepelo Region. Where the machines are prototype class the damage output for the Companion is very effective, but as the game progression continues the machines become stronger, yet I do not see how the Companion increases in strength to compete with these stronger machines.

Should we include a leveling system where we increase the overall performance of the Companion?
This could be done in multiple ways.

  • The Player has the means to upgrade the Companion from Prototype (1 crown) to Military (2 crown) to FINX (3 crown) and last Apocalypse (4 crown) by spending Companion Schematic Points.
  • Upgrade the Companion Weapons from 1 to 4 crown weapons, just like how you do for the Armor.
  • Allow for the Player to find new weapons to add for Companion use.
  • Allow for the Player to find new armor types to add for Companion use.
  • Allow for the Player to find new modules to add for Companion use.
  • Allow for the Player to supply Specialty ammo for the Companion.

I could imagine this is what you already have plans to do and are adding this to your Roadmap right now.

But before doing any of these changes to the Companion Please, Please first prioritize this first: https://forum.generationzero.com/t/suggestion-the-companion-needs-more-sustainability-11476059-feedback/41675


We can’t do this with weapons we have now (and we’ve been asking for it for a LONG time now), so it’s unlikely to be a thing for the Companions. Also, grades go to 5/6 so you’d have to think of a level above 'Poky class.

Again, we can’t upgrade anything else directly, so this is not likely to be included in the game until a general system for doing so is implemented.

All of these I really would like to see. The DLC additions are rather limited and while they should be better than what we get for free, the variety that you can find to upgrade your Companion should be greater than non-existent.

Thanks for the feedback. Just so you know this was moved from the beta forms, so it was directly sent to Devs during Beta testing before the Companion changes were updated live. As you said there is a lot to change if this becomes reality.


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I said that in a topic about weapon pack DLCs some time ago:

I don’t have a good feeling about everything new being added in the starting region.
I know why they do that, but I don’t think that it’s the right way to keep players for a long time.

It’s about paid DLCs. The devs or the publisher want to give the customers immediate access to what they bought.

In my eyes, that destroys much of the initial immersion of this fantastic game.

We once were weak. Just a few weak weapons, few ammo, no tactical instruments, no help (because of no other survivors), but a great open world with deadly machines.

Now you start, almost immediatly have access to many weapons and equipment (DLC), you’re not alone (new intro missions), get much ammo by loot and even get a companion machine in the middle of the first region. It’s no wonder, that many ask for stronger versions of the weapons or for the companion, because there is so much time left until you finish the story or the challenges.

Just after the first region you get access to motorbikes and all parts of basebuilding. There isn’t much more to discover or to learn.

On the other hand, there are parts of the story, even of paid DLCs, that stand in contrast to what we’ve got especially by the companion.

I would expect that it is included in the rest of the game in a senseful, sensible, serious way.

Regarding the companion I would expect to get him late. I should have played FNIX rising. Well, it’s a paid DLC, but that doesn’t have to be a problem. It (the companion) could be introduced in a way that respects both… But later, not in the first region.

And if we would get it late in the game, the expectations about its strength or progression would be different.

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