Suggestion for an "Exotics from the 80's" weapons pack

I know, topics with weapon suggestions here are a dime a dozen, and I myself recently made a whole topic about what guns should be added to fill the current gaps in the arsenal.

But this is different.

The US weapon packs makes sense in the setting because they’re famous guns from 80’s action movies.

The Soviet/Eastern packs makes sense because… well, the Soviets are in the story.

I’ve seen suggestions for adding “WW2 guns” or “German guns”, etc etc. But I think it would be more in spirit of the setting of the game if we added famous exotic guns from the 1980’s.

For that, a few rules apply:

  • It must be a weapon that was either launched or popularized between 1980 and 1990, with some potential wiggle room (so stuff like the 1943 Sturmgewehr and the 1999 Benelli M4 Super 90 do not qualify)
  • It should be from a weapon niche that’s not already crowded (so 9mm pistols and LMGs are out)
  • It should be a weapon that would be possible to own at the time, meaning guns restricted to the service of their original nation or that hadn’t reached surplus status do not count (so… no FAMAS F1, or SA80, for example).
  • It should not add their own cartridge, to simplify the mess of adding to the arsenal (so no FN P90)

With those rules in mind, these would be my suggestions (yes, they’re far more than the 3 or 4 that are usually added in a pack; that’s in anticipation that only a few of these would actually be viable or even considered by the devs):


  1. Desert Eagle MkVII: Classic hand-cannon, chambered in .44 Magnum fed from an 8-round magazine. It would be a fast-firing alternative to the Ruger Red Hawk that’s already in-game, but that would not be able to mount a scope (only the MkXIX Eagle had a proper scope mount, and that one is from the mid 90’s) nor a suppressor, but it can mount a compensator and a bigger mag.


  1. Steyr AUG: It’s so futuristic-looking that people often forget it’s a gun from 1977 but that popularized throughout the 80’s and 90’s. It’s an Austrian bullpup assault rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO that comes with its own integral 1.5x sight (the game could replace it with the scope rail, but that was added in the 1997 A2 revision, and thus anachronistic). Its fire control was Single/Burst/Full and the in-game version could pretty well mount most current rifle attachments (except for the scope, which is integral).

  1. H&K MSG90: I know this 1987 variant of the PSG1 is technically already in my other suggestions list, but I’m gonna make a stronger case for it here, as way to add the legendary PSG1 to the game (but more as a DMR than full-on sniper). Also, unlike the PSG1, the MSG90 can fit a suppressor. And as a reminder, the PSG1 was in use in Finland, while the MSG90 was adopted in Norway, meaning it’s not implausible to see a few lying about in cold-war Sweden.

  1. PGM Hécate II: …Okay, I know it’s kinda cheating, since this one was introduced in 1993. But it’s not too anachronistic, and thanks to New Vegas it’s an iconic anti-materiel rifle, and it did see service around the world. It could be a more precision-focused alternative to the Barrett, being a bolt-action rifle with a free-floated barrel, instead of the recoiling barrel of the Barrett. It fires the same .50 BMG ammo, fed from a 7 round box magazine.

  1. Gépard GM6 Lynx: But if the Hécate is considered too anachronistic, then we can fall back to this other exotic antimateriel rifle resulting from a development program from the 1980’s: the Lynx. It’s a semi-automatic bullpup antimateriel rifle, more compact and handy than the Barrett. It feeds from a 5-round box magazine.

  1. Daewoo USAS-12: Again, another one from my other list, but we needed an exotic shotgun in this list, and what better exotic 80’s candidate than the full-auto-capable USAS-12? (I know, the SPAS, but shush) Feeding from a 10-round mag, this shotgun has a rather chuggy 400rpm cyclic rate (could be made even slower for the game, for balance reasons). As mentioned, it can toggle between semi and full, though as far as attachments go, it would only be able to equip a choke and bigger mag, and it would have to rely on iron sights (unless fitted with the anachronistic sight rail of its 2007 update).

  1. H&K VP70: “But Doppel, you’re breaking all of your rules! It’s a 9mm pistol from the 70’s!” …Yes and no. It is a 9mm handgun launched in 1970, but it was popularized in movies as a “futuristic gun” in the 80’s (Aliens, A-Team, MacGyver…), and it has a very distinct feature: aside from semi-auto, the stock allows it to be set to a “hyperburst” that fires 3 rounds at a cyclic rate of 2200RPM, so fast it sounds (and feels) like a single big shot. It feeds from a 18-round box magazine.

And that would be it.

I WOULD have included the SPAS-12 as well, but c’mon, this gun should’ve been in the game already.

…Fine. Here.

  1. Franchi SPAS-12: Almost as famous as the Terminator himself, this 1979 semi-auto (yes, SEMI-AUTO) shotgun was a staple in action movies and shows from the 80’s, including Terminator, Robocop, Miami Vice… It’s an icon. Its tube magazine can fit up to 8 shells, plus 1 in the chamber, and while it can be pumped, that’s usually for specialized rounds that don’t cycle well; this lady is made to be fired semi-auto.

Okay, that’s it folks.

  1. how whould all of these weapons get to some small islands in Sweden and 2. we have enough weapons
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Im mostly against new weapon packs, we hardly have any space left in storage (if we wish to have each of the weapons).
But these weapons actually are cool. we never had any new shotguns and we never had a good sniper rifle.
So to fit the game :

  • New magnum
  • Steyr AUG
  • PSG1 Variant
  • Gepard GM6 Lynx
  • SPAS-12
    We should at least get these ones

Although knowing the devs, the PSG1 would have the same damage as the Kotenok rendering it not useful at all!


Instead of new real weapons it would be interesting to see new attachments.
Especially some experimental attachments could be awesome.


I totally agree, I’d love to see experimental scopes, or different muzzle devices (or like, at the very least give shotguns bigger mag tubes, or give bigger mags to hunting rifles).

I’m just adding these guns here for two reasons:
1 - Selling these packs (plus other DLC) is partly how they fund the game
2 - …If that’s the case, might as well suggest decent guns that actually fill some gaps and follow a neat theme.

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That’s why the MSG90 is in there “in case the other change I suggested in my other post gets implemented” (which is actually adding a proper “7.62 sniper” cartridge, to be an equivalent to the actual special loadings used in 7.62x51 DMRs and snipers around the world).

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They will not change it.
Honestly if i was them, i would just adjust the damage from the Kotenok and the S21, giving them higher damage per shot and not worrying about the damage being different and the ammo the same as used by the AK47/AG4 and LMG´s.

That’s why I bother to preface my posts with the fundamentals, but sadly people don’t seem to read it.

Depending on how they implemented the ballistics simulations, “upping the damage of the rifle” alone is either not possible, or it’s possible but the ballistic behavior (accuracy, bullet drop, etc) will be shitty at any decent distance, making it useless.

If it’s tied to cartridge, it won’t work.

If it’s tied to the gun, then yeah, it’s that simple. …Which is odd that they didn’t fix many guns suffering from those problems (and also that all of our 9mm guns have almost literally the same damage, “by some sheer coincidence”).

I thing we have more than enought weapons but… I love Desert eagle, so if they make any DLC with this gun, I’ll buy it.

As far as I experienced, writing too much doesn’t help delivering a message.
And going into detail too much also doesn’t.

Shorter, more precise textes and hidden details (expandable for those who like to read them) is more efficient.

One more thing: some topics have been talked over for long times in many topics. Maybe most readers are just bored to read the same again and again.

I am aware, but both approaches have their own issues.

Short posts leave gaps for whiny pedantic people who will ask “but then what about Y” or “did you consider Z?” or “you don’t know how X works”.

Other times short posts don’t really communicate how I came to that conclusion, which devalues the post a bit when it comes to suggesting stuff to the mods and devs (which is the actual point).

So I gauged both approaches and decided that alienating the “TL;DR” crowd was a small price to pay for having really descriptive threads that do get read in full by the more patient people; which includes the community moderators and the developers, as well as the most patient veterans.

And since this is a feedback section, that feels like a good strategy overall.

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Sorry to say i was not able to read everything of your other post, for the same reason metioned above
Not today, when i dont have patience, when the game has no updates, the hype is gonne and im playing other games and busy with real life stuff.
Besides it wont change anything, if they were to add extra values to damage they could have done that already, which is something they did for the latest magnum and the opposite for the Kharl Gustav clone ( diminished damage value)


I know what you mean and I understand your position, but I just told you my experience from this forum.

That doesn’t mean, that I don’t fall back into old patterns from time to time. You know what I mean if there suddenly is THE IDEA and you just want to write everything down to let everyone take part. :grin:

The game is dying… At least it looks like that for me, because I just follow this forum, not social media or discord or whatelse. And it’s getting quite here. No updates for many months, new real info about what the team is doing and what we might expect… The overall interest is shrinking each day. As far as I see.

Oh, and I’ve been really busy in the past almost 2 years…


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The dev team seems quite active on Twitter, and their official Discord also sees frequent new members.

Might not be the biggest community, but it still has a pulse; and this recent sale might have boosted the player numbers a little.

They are quite active recently but its more of a fan exchange, and not so much about updates and game content.


The game will get new updates, Carni assures us. But we know the devs have abandoned opening up the big island or islands above Himfjäll. The fact, that at a certain point those islands got roads and an airport, tells us the devs had plans. Since if there were no plans, why add roads which weren’t there before?

I still have hope that the game will pick itself up under new management, and opens up the new areas we all expected to get ~2 years ago, because that would be the boost the game needs. :coffee:


My 2 cents - I have a feeling that this is not so much about management but the game engine itself. While the engine is capable of creating beautiful scenes and works pretty well for demos, the physics sucks seriously and as we saw it has got some serious performance issues.

So the question is if it’s still a case trying to build new stuff on top of this engine or if they are working on a completely new engine which would be more gaming-oriented solving most if not all pain points of the current engine.

I’d hope for second option because it would be easier to create Generation Zero 2 on new engine which would be take place on the new big island and they could “incorporate” the old islands in it later.

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dreaming of GZ2 in UE5 + remastered GZ1

I think that most of GZ:s weapons should be something you could find in Sweden during the 80s, that whould make it more about staying lore friendly and immersive to the enviroment and story instead of some weapons used miles away that never touched Swedish soil.


I tried to convey that in my other suggestion thread, about the guns that should be used to fill the gaps we currently have in our arsenal (for example, the snipers I suggested were the Sako TRG and the Accuracy International AW – one was released in 89 and adopted by Sweden years later as the Psg08, and the other was adopted by Sweden almost alongside the Barrett as the Psg90 – I also suggested the Tikka M65 and MSG90, both of which could be found in Finland and thus not unlikely to be found in a war-bound Sweden)

… But since the idea on DLCs seems to be “add something different, optional, and that gives us extra revenue to pay development”, this pack’s idea was just to follow the “embrace the theme of the 80’s” spirit that they used in the US Weapons Pack; dunno if you noticed, but the guns there were basically “famous US guns from 80’s action movies”.

After all, remember: this is still an “alternate history where Sweden is attacked by giant robots”, so… some liberties are expected; though this list does take into account what could be present in Sweden at least as import/contraband (which is why I didn’t include stuff like the FAMAS or the SA80, which were exclusive to their governments).