Suggestion for new bot type the eye


Hello this is a suggestion for the eye as a robot to fight basically it has one bulky arms like hammers and a mounted machine gun on his arm it can only move very slow but makes up for that with high range and a good shot but it also has a rare ability of being able to use one of its eyes to go invisible and blend in with his environment. It would be very similarly to another robot in the game I am sure you know which but it would look a lot different probably having three legs and a 360 degree view of its surroundings and to top it of for you just imagine it looking a bit like a tripod.


Hi max, i a fellow survivor have a couple of questions relating to your suggestion wouldn’t a 360° be abit op due to this game being based on gurrilla tactics and hit and runs? Secondly, most bots have sensors instead of eyes that can detect you for quite a distance away with reminds me on the annoying seekers you come by. Thirdly, since the April-June patch most robots have huge range on their weapons take the tank for refence before the patch it could only hit you at lets say 50m with its machine gun now post patch it can now hit you accurately at distances up to about 150-175m
Aside to this good suggestion keep up the ideas as the devs could consider it