Suggestion for the game

Hello, i start playing the game 3 weeks ago. And would like to suggest some parts for the game to be improved and would like to hear others respons to them.

Server list for multiplayer with the option when you “create a game to lock it” so we get ride of this “join a game, wait 3 sec and get kicked” It makes the “first time experience” for new players not that wery welcome at all. In mather of fact it makes the multiplayer option really awful…

9/10 games i find in the multiplayer i get kicked from after 3-10 sec…

Clone servers:

A option when i make a “new game that is for multiplayer” and people join my game, they can continue to play on “my map” even if i leave or get disconnected "something that tend to happend way to many times, or when the game crash to desktop. But the stats for the map that i own, stays as it was when i left the server.

Add a experimental weapon that use 5.56 ammo, and i would gladly see more of thse weapons with diffrent possibilitys with rare schematics to craft experimental gears.

Add more option of the bikes in the game.

I really enjoy playing the game with a friend, but as long as there is no working multiplayer and how easy it is to kick someone it will make the experience in multiplayer really bad.

2 times i been in a game where we killed loads of “tanks” up until we spawn a reaper and both those times got kicked by the host… The best host is clearly the one that gone afk and left the game on :stuck_out_tongue:

Ofc i also been in games where it been working really good with the host, as one time i played for 7 hours with 2 others and we spawned like 6 reapers and i got really amazing loot :slight_smile:

Moved this to #feedback-feature-requests :+1: