Suggestion hacking skill

Hello, ive been playing this game at this moment for around 20 hours and realised the hacking skill is kinda buggy or doesnt work at all.
the suggestion i have is that we make Small and medium creatures Claimable with some loot in the world or with skills (developers can look into that for balancing ofcourse). The idea i have is simple, claim a creature and it will follow you around and fights with you on your side (kind of like the companions of fallout series now i think about it) but can get killed but also get repaired with the cost of a repair kit (new item) or a cooldown of … (hours/minutes) after the creature gets killed so it cant be farmed 24/7. Ofcourse if you claim a robot like the dog it will ofcourse impact your gameplay, you will not be able to stealth because the robot thats following you wont crouch or hide behind objects. (more information will follow if i completely finished thinking about this idea)

Ofcourse this will be a skill but will consume loads of points to get this skill at all (was thinking about a combination of the full Hacking skill and Engineer skill because it will cost allot of points to get both maxed out) , this will mean that you wont be strong yourself without a tamed robot without any survival or combat points into it unless you are already really high level and dont matter about putting skillpoints anywhere.

I will probably try to think about this idea a bit more so its more detailed and ofcourse can be implemented in the game (some day hopefully)

If you have problems reading this because of broken english (sorry english isnt my main language) you can always comment below and ask me around.