Suggestion: Iron Sight


Hello Gents, hello developers,

First of all, thank you for your work. I had rather a few minutes to test the first steps in game before I headed for work today, but I have one small suggestion already that kinda pointed out early in the game.

The first Pistol, I guess called PP, had a rather weird iron sight. If I fire a pistol, I want it to have a rather big distance to my face as for the slide to hit back or oil and powder particles. Tho in game my character is holding the pistol straight in front of his eyes. That feels rather unusual and implausible to me that it is really killing the immersion. The game has quite the dark but real tone to it, but this is just distracting.

I hope you understand my point of view and what I mean by this. At any fire range we learn to hold a pistol with a straight arm in front of you, away from the face. I wouldn’t aim it like a rifle.

Thank you for listening,


Totally agree with this point, I figured that the Devs probably haven’t had the chance to shoot any handguns, it’s just way to close to your face.


I get what you mean but I look at it differently.
It looks like this just because of the zoom effect, which helps tremendously tracking enemies in my opinion. To me it feels like they are simulating the focus of the shooter by zooming in more.
But in the end, I don’t care too much if they change it or not.


Yeah, I agree that it feels wierd, but not really immersion breaking for me. The bigger issue I have with it is that makes the guns feel more accurate than they actually are, I keep having to remind one of my friends that the Möller PP is only decent out to about 15 meters at best.

The thing that caught me more off guard at first though was the sights on the Klocke 17 (which is a first generation Glock 17), but that’s probably because I’m used to the third and fourth generation Glock sights and their nice tritium night sights.


The Klocke 17 is probably meant to represent Pistol m/88 in the Swedish armed forces which is a Glock 17. As the name suggest it was introduced in 1988 and probably a few years earlier model of the actuall gun.


Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be an m/88, which is itself just a first generation Glock 17 with some special certifications for use by the Försvarsmakt.